Performance on iPad3?
  • Before I purchase Audulus 3, I was wondering how it performs on an iPad3? It's quoted as the entry-level model and I'm conscious that it's getting long in the tooth processor-wise. I'm starting to see audio apps that need more oomph than the iPad3 can provide - I've dabbled with the previous version of Audulus but want to be sure Ver3 will play nice before I purchase it.
  • Hopefully someone with an iPad 3 can chime in here, but I can speak to the Air 1 and say that for all but the most ridiculously advanced patches, it crushes. I can run pretty much everything that's been posted here, if not some of the things I've made on the computer.

    It would be easier to answer this question if you gave an indication of how you want to use Audulus - what kind of projects do you want to make, is this your first experience with visual programming, that kinda thing.

    If you're just looking to make some synths and get some cool sounds going, it will be more than enough :)
  • I don't know if this site is reputable, but here's a list of iOS devices and how they compare to each other.
    It says that the baseline score is 2500, and I think it's logarithmic. Double the score, double the speed.
    The score of my iPad Air 1 (which can run Audulus just fine), has a score of 1466 (a little over half as powerful as the baseline) whereas the iPad 3... Has a score of 261.
    2500 / 2 = 1200 (iPad Air 1)
    1200 / 2 = 600
    600 / 2 = 300 (iPad 3)
    So that means (If this website is to be believed) that the iPad air is about 4 times as fast as the iPad 3.

    With that said, the iPhone 4S has a score of 214, which I could test myself. I'll report back with my findings.
  • Regarding what I'd want to do with Audulus, I guess it would just be replicating modular hardware. I doubt that I would want to create incredibly complex patches, at least at first. In any case, I probably will replace my iPad3 at some point down the road. Thanks for the feedback :)
  • I performed at test on my iPhone 4S. What I did was load in the "All Modules" preset into a blank file on both my iPad Air 1 and the iPhone 4S. On the iPad, this used 48% of the CPU, while on the iPhone it used 175% of the CPU. A lot of the larger patches I see around here run at about 20% of my iPad's CPU. I would test these on my iPhone as well, but I'm having some storage problems on my phone and can't at the moment. (I deleted half a gigabyte worth of stuff on it and it still says I have 0 bytes remaining. o_O)
  • Thanks for that (and for hammering your iPhone for the cause!) I'll more than likely going to go for Ver3, although I also like the thought of it on my Windows DAW.......