Advanced effects nodes and audio import
  • Hello,

    I am new to Audulus so you'll have to excuse me if I ask for things that are already possible, if so maybe i can get insight on how to make things happen. I watched all the tutorial videos I could find and played around for a couple days. I came up with some cool things but some of the more basic things I'd like to do are eluding me. I mostly want to make effects slot patches for use with Audiobus. So here are a few things I'd like to see that would make things a lot easier for myself and anyone who wants to use Audulus as an effect in Audiobus.

    EQ node: Just a straight up multiband EQ node to use anywhere in your chain or perhaps link to control tone of some nodes

    Distortion: I tried and couldn't seem to alter the way the distorion sounds very much, maybe some 'nobs' on the node to at least control Drive and level but tone and presence would be nice too.

    Tone Sweep node: Okay so i made the term up cause I don't know what to call it, but a node that could control all the tone sweeping kinds of effects such as chorus, flanger, phaser, auto-wha, etc.. Sure they could all be separate nodes but since they have similar parameters they could probably be clumped into one. Yes I realize the filter node does some of this but I'm looking for something more straight forward, with nobs to control speed, depth, tone and mix. I found it quite difficult to get the filter to just sweep gently and this node would solve all of that.

    Noise Gate/Feedback Control: A node to control noise would be nice for use with Audiobus.. Also some kind of feedback break node that would cut the chain during times of extreme feedback, could be manual or auto.. Manual would probably be easiest.. Just a node that you can tap to mute and tap again to reengage.

    I think that's about it for effects. The last thing I'd like to ask about is an Audio import node. I haven't been able to find a way to do this but it would be nice to have. Maybe you could import audio via audio copy/paste or from your music or maybe even upload to Audulus via itunes. Maybe it could have a trigger input to decide if it will play via keyboard velocity or triggered to loop or another type.

    Again I am sorry if these are annoying requests or anything like that. I usually don't ask for features this early into exploring a app but I am totally loving Audulus and it's possibilities so I just wanted to know.

    Thank You :-)
  • @Ryan, no worries! The more feature requests the better. It gives me a good idea of what people want so I can continually adjust my priorities.

    For the distortion node, try putting a Level node before it and a Filter node after. The level node will act like a gain control, and the filter will be the tone knob. Typically, this is how a distortion pedal works. One trick is to change the level node's range (via the knob context menu) if you'd like to get some pretty extreme distortion. Another trick is to cascade the distortion nodes, sometimes with filters in between (a guitar amp typically has multiple gain stages). I'd also recommend mixing the distortion with the clean signal for a little more clarity or to use as a more transparent overdrive in front of an amp.

    Good suggestions for effects! I think we'll get a lot of mileage out of the modulated delay node I'm working on.

    For audio import, the plan is to have Audio Copy/Paste create a Sample node.

    Glad you're liking Audulus :-)

    - Taylor
  • You can also use the Sin Node as a distortion with Level Nodes before and after to set gain. It's pretty easy to create a noise gate using the Env follower Node. The trick with Audulus is that it's fairly low level so you always need to add extra Nodes to any patch you build for routing and levelling.
  • @Taylor Awesome. :-) The sample node would totally take this to the next level. sounds great.
    I played around with the distortion for at least 8 hours. At one point I had a pretty decent sound going, using 2 inputs and about 10 distortions with various numeric values I had inserted, had them all going into the filter and level after. Afterwards to tweak it was a nightmare. LOL I ended up messing it up to the point where it was unusable and thought that if there were nobs it wouldn't be so rough to simply add some distortion so if I want it to be simple it can be simple or still layer it all and make a complex chain. Using the level before and filter after sounds good though, I'll experiment with that later. Thank You!

    @Dcramer Nice. I hadn't tried the Sin node or the Env follower node(infact I cannot even find it, where? sorry). I didn't expect to use sin as I thought it was just for triginometry and don't see how it's applied here yet. I will see what i can come up with using the sin node. :-)
    Thank You!

    EDIT: Nevermind about the EnvFollow... Found it! my bad. :-)
  • That's the beauty of Audulus, you can plug anything into anything!
    The Multiplication Node functions like an amplifier and a ring modulator with Audio signals.
  • @Ryan, hahaha, sweet! I think the opportunity for being artful in the layout will get to the next level when I get node rotation in there (see Should be fun!
  • @Taylor That's awesome. I already thought about this a couple times when trying to jam nodes in there without moving stuff. "if i could just turn it a bit." heh

    Speaking of moving stuff, I saw that on the mac version you can move the connected chain by holding control or something.. Is there a way to do it on iPad?
  • @Ryan, its not in there yet, but thanks for reminding me! I just added that feature for the next version :-). It will be in the node's context menu: "Select Inputs"
  • Oh wow, select inputs on the iPad will be a wonderful addition.
  • Tesla Coil Overdrive _ Audiobus FX.audulus
  • That's pretty cool Ryan! This is the thing I love about Audulus, you can design the distortion of your dreams limited only by your imagination.

    For play with filters in front of each distortion and you get a multi-band distortion! \m/
  • @erikbojerik Thanks man :-) I agree, it's all imagination and addictive like programming. I might be eating super or something when an idea comes to me, have to drop what i'm doing and try it to see if it'll work. ha! Can't wait for future updates that will expand it all more and more :-)