can I modulate effect parameters with Osc?
  • First real day of playing with Audulus here - and I would like to know how to modulate an effect parameter with the Osc node. I am trying something very simple, to create a mono chorus patch using the Delay node and modulating the Delay Time.

    I see I can patch the Delay time to a MIDI CC, but it is not obvious how to use the Osc mode to modulate this - if it is even possible.
  • Delay time is one of those parameters that, I'm afraid, can't yet be modulated, only because I need to upgrade the Delay node with support for modulated delays. You can of course map it to a MIDI CC, but you'll get sonic artifacts as the delay time is swept.

    In general though, you can use the Osc node as a LFO to modulate parameters such as filter cutoff, resonance, levels, etc.

    - Taylor
  • OK thanks - this gets to (3) in my feature request. It would be REALLY powerful to have each of the effect "knobs" also available as a parameter input (like pitch for Osc) so that they could be modulated by output from Osc, ADSR and EnvFollow in addition to the MIDI CC that is already enabled.
  • I agree, and modulatable High Pass and Band Pass Nodes!