Panning Tutorial... Are you losing volume in the center?
  • I know panning isn't sexy, and it seems like such a easy thing. But you are actually interfacing with speakers that work on a power scale not a linear scale. You can kind of get away with ignoring that for mono signals (if you plug the exact same signal into both outputs of the speaker node), but not for stereo signals. This tutorial goes through the different panning methods and lays out how and why they work the way they do.
    Panning tutorial.audulus
  • @drewyeah Excellent. Thank-you. I've been wondering about this.
    One question: you use the expression X>0?X:0
    Why? To me it looks the same as "X"
    Edit: Unless you're filtering out negative values.
  • Thank you Drew!!! I'm glad you made this since I kinda didn't understand it myself, hah!
  • @JDRaoul - You're exactly right I'm filtering out negative values. I think its a floating point rounding error that is causing it. The values are extremely small ( e-4), but I didn't want it to be confusing. You can also erase those and I doubt you would hear a difference.

    @biminiroad - no problem!
  • @drewyeah very informative and practical tutorial, thank you.
  • @drewyeah Thanks. That makes me feel better.
  • Wow crazy, and informative.
    Also it makes me realize my speaker setup is likely setup incorrectly cause I can't hear a difference hah