Bug with the new osc sync?
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  • +1 The phaser sync behaves in a similar way.
  • Thanks, looking into this now - will get back to you soon
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    sync bug.audulus
  • @sansnom... sorry I've been sick. Finally got a chance to look at this. Ok so the sawtooth sync works as expected, but the square sync does something a bit funny. It resets the phase but doesn't reset the state of the wave (up or down). So I'll fix that!

    Thanks for catching this!
  • @Taylor- how about the phaser sync?
  • Hey Taylor I hope you feel better now!

    (what about this old osc tuning?)
  • @drewyeah Phasor sync looks good to me. It's basically the same code as the Osc sawtooth sync. What problem are you seeing?

    @SansNom, well I'd like to phase out the old osc (you can easily build one as a module using the new Osc, which is just better).
  • I'm not sure its a bug but just like in osc example, the phasor freezes at 0 for as long as the sync input is 1, and only restarts when the trigger is released back to 0. I feel like it should work the same as the osc module works in saw mode.
    Phasor sync.audulus
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  • @drewyeah, good catch! Fixed!
  • Big thanks to you guys for finding these bugs!!