New To Audulus, a few Questions
  • Hello, so I was very excited to get started on this. Got stopped at some pretty basic stuff. I managed to download a nice FM operator module from this forum, but when it was time to play, I noticed that the sustain pedal was not working. Is this not supported in the keyboard module? If not I would say thats a pretty urgently needed feature. I'm probably just missing something being very new to the whole thing.
  • Sustain isn't something that many people who use synthesizers, especially modular synthesizers, usually use, so it was indeed overlooked.

    This may be added in an update. For now, you can use a MIDI trigger to add (x) value to the release of your envelope.

    See attached patch :)
    Sustain Solution.audulus
  • Cool, thanks, will give it a go. Still hope it's added into the standard keyboard or an extended module, maybe together with modwheel for example. It's just gonna make things a bit easier for newbs and not take away for the hardcore people.

    Btw, is there a way to customise the dropdown menu so I can get quicker access to stuff I prefer. Also, can I add my own categories and patches into the dropdown menu? (right click)
  • There isn't a way to customize the dropdown menu, but there will be soon - user-defined libraries is one of them. :)
  • Sounds like a great feature. The menu in the bottom half of the screen, is that only in the iPad version?
  • Yes, but that's going away too! Everything will be at once simpler and more powerful :)
  • Looking forward to that, any info on when that update might arrive?
  • No clue, hah, that's Taylor's department, and he doesn't give estimates ;)
  • @mrj1nx- you could map your pedal to a knob and use a sample and hold and a crossover to keep the gate open at that velocity. See if this is what you are looking for. I mapped the knob in the patch to my pedal, but you might have to remap it to yours. Just right click on the knob labeled "map pedal here", click "learn midi cc" and step on your sustain pedal.

    biminiroad- Do you know if cc mapping is midi port specific? For example will @mrj1nx have to remap the knob to his pedal in the patch I just attached, or will any midi cc 64 message move the knob?
    Sustain pedal.audulus
  • @drewyeah - thanks for the assist!

    @Taylor might have to chime in on your question - I'm really not too familiar with MIDI myself, I only just started to get into more complex stuff recently. Up until now I've basically just had a keyboard piano controller, never really mapped anything (would just draw in automation later).
  • Thanks for your input and assets, will give them a try next time I sit down with this. I understand that people have different views on this, but in my view, trying to use this as an instrument, Sustainpedal support should be one of the most basic of functionalities, something I just take for granted in any plugin I use. If it can be built in to the core keyboard module or an extended one, that would be the most preferable, so I don't have to think about it as I build modules.

    Anyhow, my ambitions in this tool so far is to build a multiband trance gate (Like the Alligator in Reason) and then make the gui nice enough that I just have to plug and play in Logic. The other Idea is to build a complex FM synth.