Guitar through an oscillator
  • So I can see there are some guitarist on here with various questions. Here is what I want to do: run my guitar through a wave form. Fr example my guitar into a square, triangle and another square and adjust the variables. Basically so I can create synth type sounds from my guitar. Also I would like to place some pitch shifting in there and delay as well. I would most likely put jam up pro after it and place some fuzz and reverb after it. It would be a way to create some cool 80's synth tones using this setup.


    Also I'm a real dummy when it comes to midi and I get pretty lost when people start talking about the math behind LFOs and waveforms so be gentle.
  • I have been testing a patch that tracks single note guitar playing and controls an Osc node as well as triggering envelopes to create guitar synth sounds. It's tricky to get it to track consistently though. Another idea is to use Audulus to "wave shape" the guitar sounds without controlling an Osc. I've been creating patches like this create an iPad bass synth, I'll upload some for you to try.
  • @Bigtwenty, welcome! Making a guitar synth in Audulus will be easier when I get a proper pitch tracking node in there. It will probably still be monophonic though.
  • Wow Dcramer that amazing. I only have the ipad version so ill have to figure out how to import those patches. Taylor, As far as the tracking, monophonic should be fair enough though polyphonic would be amazing. The wave shape idea is more along the lines that I was thinking as all I would need is for a node to analyze the analog signal coming in and convert it to square, saw whatever and then go to the output. After that, I can use regular guitar pedals to do the rest at the very least.

    But you do have a distortion node in there. Basically to make a convincing synth sound from guitar (I have been doing this with various effects to audience acclaim) you just need pitch, waveshape, a bit of verb and fuzz. with those parameters you can easily make synth sounds. Throw an env filter in there and slight delay and you can get Lady Gaga stuff going on (from experience).

    Thanks guys!