Using Logic Expression in Audulus - Need Your Help
  • Hello!

    I need your help coming up with commonly used semantic phrases when designing in Audulus.

    For example:

    When someone wants to AMPLIFY a signal, they want to use multiplication.
    When someone wants to TRANSLATE a signal, they want to use addition.
    When someone wants something to happen if something else is true, they want conditional logic.

    I want to build a database of examples that people can sort through in a purpose-oriented way, meaning you only need to reference the material when you're at a loss and think someone else might've figured out a way to do what you're doing.

    So what are the things you find yourself doing a lot in translating thoughts into reality? Is there something that's always tripping you up, something you keep forgetting how to do? Something you think should be possible but you don't know how to express it?

  • Maybe some examples of more complex logical chains would be good.