Audulus 3: Clarification Required
  • Some of these questions may have been answered in older posts.
    1) When downloading 3, will it replace 2.10.3?...or will they reside as 2 separate apps, coexisting on the same iPad?
    2) If they coexist, can we run them both simultaneously?.....if so, also simultaneously in AudioBus (i.e., will AudioBus recognize them as two separate apps?)
    3) Will they be able to share patches, at least in the forward direction (2 to 3)?....(I saw a post, dated prior to release, that sort of said maybe sometimes).
    4) How long will 2.10.3 remain available for download (I'm concerned if purchasing a new iPad at some later date....I have found that IAP's do not transfer in an iTunes transfer/re-install to another iPad).
  • Hi @BTL, answers below :)

    1) No, version 3 is a separate app so it won't replace 2.x.

    2) Yes you should be able to run both versions simultaneously. Even AudioBus should work because the apps have different IDs. If you have a lot of time invested in v.2 patches, I can understand your motivation :)

    3) Yes, we removed version 2 import. I'm really sorry about that. It was just taking too much time to make it work correctly as there are some semantic changes. Rest assured that we won't have such problems in the future due to the better file format, and the semantics becoming more solidified.

    4) We actually can't guarantee that it will be available to download indefinitely as that depends on Apple's policies. To ensure it works in the long run, it's best to keep it on your device and back up that device. There are no IAPs in v.3, so no worry about transferring them over.

    - Taylor