bandpass/bandreject filters
  • There's currently no bpf/brf filter in Audulus, i tried to use logic + hp/lp module to build custom bpf module, it looks like this, but doesn't work as intended, center frequency and width don't give proper lp/hp frequency values, i most likely used wrong expression to get them, but i tried to come up with one intuitively. I know about biquad filter, but it's too complicated for me, i tried importing few biquad formulas posted on this forum (, but they are for older version of Audulus and don't work - all they give is silence. Help me with improving my implementation or by compatible biquad formula, thanks!
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  • Well yes your implementation of HP and LP should work, I use something similar in my HV330 patch, or the biquad. I'll post some biquad filters soon. Afta8 patches are corrupted by the upgrade, I've updated some of them and I will post them too.
  • no, see my screenshot, look at the values of center frequency and width, and what frequency is shown in hp/lp modules, there something off with how frequency knob works in this module
  • Hey @Keynell. You would have less control over the width, but I made a few modules that transform frequency (freq) and Resonance (Q) into coefficients that the Biquad Node will accept. You can make you're own 12db Bandpass filter using less CPU (I think... I haven't checked actually). Run it through 2 to make a 24db filter.
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