Mac Audio Unit missing components?
  • I live inside Ableton, and would really like to simply make a pianoroll sequence there, and work with learning Audulus 3. I'm new to Audulus as is, and I find picking modules apart really helpful compared to just trying to attach nodes together.. The keyboard node should really be far more documented than it is... i have no only learned by digging through the Keyboard module, and went from there on how to attach a DAW sequencer.

    My biggest issues now are that I'd like to design with Audulus inside my DAW and I can't seem to find certain things that are quite rate limiting. Can someone help point me to the correct locations?

    1. Where are the modules? They're missing from the right click menu, and both Create menus. Are they even accessible without importing a project elsewhere?

    2. Copy/Paste... this seems to be strange whether I try to use it in standalone mode or via Audio Unit. e.g. I can lasso a bunch of nodes, right click on one and get a Copy circle... i go into a sub patch and right click, i get a node menu... so UX seems broken here... I often get that cmd-v also doesn't work, but I can consistently go to the edit menu and paste without issue. I can't even Paste in the Audio Unit... at all :( I get that the DAW somewhat interferes with what you can do inside an Audio Unit, but is there a button somewhere that perhaps I'm just overlooking?
  • 1. right click, library of babel (bottom), modules :)

    2. i use cmd+c/v for copy paste - does that work better?

    also, shortcuts don't work in the AU because you're using the hosts' shortcuts - there's currently no way to override the hosts' shortcuts, but the menu operations still work.

  • Sorry I would have posted a photo but I didn't see a 'attach' option when creating the post. Take a look... I've attached a photo of the right click menu for both Standalone app, and the Audio Unit inside Ableton Suite 9.5.

    The bottom 2 options are simply not there. They also don't show up when choosing 'Create' from either the Audio Unit window, nor the menubar 'Create' menu. Make sense? If it were in the right click menu, i'd have seen it ;)

    Also, cmd+c/v does not work at all in the Audio Unit... I have tried many times... also the Edit menu is for Ableton, and I believe there's some limitation inside an Audio Unit that may block the ability to properly paste inside the device. I think Ableton takes over the clipboard, so Audulus never actually sees it. Not sure since I only have a 'Copy' option when right clicking a node, and no paste solution.

    Do you work inside a DAW, or just the standalone app? Curious which DAWs may be better supported.
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  • Sorry if that was unclear before, but I said yes, shortcuts don't work in the AU because you are using Ableton's copy/paste shortcut, not Audulus's - Ableton's overrides Audulus's. The library doesn't work as of yet inside the AU. It will at some point, but you can use this workaround:

    Save a patch that has all the modules you usually use, and then load that into the AU every time you want to start constructing inside Ableton. Then you can copy/paste/delete things as needed. Use the right click menu to do this - you need to highlight the nodes and then click on one of the nodes and click "copy" and then in a blank space, "paste"

    I design in the standalone and then load into the DAW when I have a patch I want to use. Not ideal, but it works for the most part. Will get better in future though :)
  • It's certainly not ideal.. i'd really like to use Ableton's sequencer while I'm building, but I guess that's just not in the cards while I'm learning the world of Audulus. sigh...

    Could you please explain further how you get a "paste" in the blank space? When I right click in the blank space, I get the menu to drop a new node. There isn't a "paste" option in there. Copy does show up when I right click on an already existing node, just can't find a paste anywhere when in the AU.
  • sorry luche i'm mistaken you can't do that either! i really don't design in the AU much so i don't even notice these things. however, i don't design much in the AU precisely because you can't do these things, lol.

    if it were easy to do this stuff, taylor would have added it, ya know? it's not like he's lazy or doesn't care about the AU, it's just really tough to work with - MIDI out is even a huge pain to program, or it would've been in Audulus 2.

    :/ unfortunately though other things take precedence for right now (ableton link, for one!). all of your dreams of a perfect audulus will come true one day though :) i had to wait a year and a half for the RGB node and taylor admitted to me that that was less than a day's worth of work for him! but this fix/add is not so easy.

    i don't know what ableton sequencer you're talking about (the piano roll?) but if there's some sequencer you can show me i can clone it for you so you can just use the piano roll as your clock source :)
  • truly, i have no major complaints... just that i use a DAW, and my first reaction is to use that when making music. the hard work is clearly put forth in this app, and i am very thankful for that... i just feel like i'm often missing something very simple and just need some direction. mind you, i spend a lot of time doing bug reports, so i'll likely be the one asking where something is, or requesting a way to make (what i think is) a better user experience. e.g. i don't particularly care for the flowering icons around a node when i right click on it... though i understand that's in place more for the ipad counterpart... on the computer, though, a nice little right-click menu would be preferred, just cause it's easier, and very common place and can easily incorporate keyboard shortcuts.

    the ableton pianoroll is what i'm referring to here... i often will fire up a plugin, make a quick pianoroll sequence (or use a maxforlive device to generate midi notes) and play with sound design. i'd love to easily do this and then focus on building in an Audulus plugin window :)

    Perhaps I'm just thinking about this whole venture incorrectly? I feel like there are a lot of road blocks to simply getting started with my own projects... honestly the only luck i've had is picking apart your modules... even the lack of hover-over names on the nodes made it really tough to just quickly figure out what is what in the beginning. i've read through a bunch of the docs, but they're not the way i learn.. i need to explore. also the videos using the ipad with it's menubar is different enough that it's tough to follow along on the computer... and tbh, i don't care for doing any of this design work in iOS.

    I'm working through it... and i guess i'll be doing that in the standalone app for a while at least.

    Curious, how tough would it be to build an on screen keyboard (a la Audulus 2), and maybe offer a simple hold feature as well? That would at least get me started. I know pretty much anything can be built into a bigger module, but i really do like the idea of the little keyboard that i see in a lot of older Audulus videos. It takes up so little room :)