Upgrading Your iPad - Standard or Pro?
  • For those whose primary interest is music production and need to upgrade to a new iPad, should we, at this time be considering the iPad Pro or sticking, at least for now, with a standard iPad?
    Some considerations are:
    1) Will all of the current music making apps operate properly on an iPad Pro?
    2) If so, would we see immediate automatic performance improvements due simply to the faster and more sophisticated processor in the iPad Pro (no app re-writes)?
    3) For those who have already purchased interface devices (midi keyboards, audio interfaces (such as Apogee Quartet)), will these devices interface properly to the iPad Pro?
    4) As app developers develop versions of their apps that take advantage of special features of the iPad Pro, are these likely to be complete re-purchases of apps that we already own on the standard iPad? (Note: Taylor has already partially addressed this issue in his recent interview with Synthtopia).
    5) Either way, regarding #4, are development efforts currently underway amongst the typical music making app developers to come up with matching iPad Pro apps?...........if so:
    a) Would it be likely that Equivalent iPad apps and iPad Pro Apps could share and transfer information (track data, patch data, etc.)?
    b) Any speculations on how soon we'll see these apps?

    These questions are primarily for or Illustrious Leader, @Taylor, with his vast knowledge of the field and it's inner workings.....:).... But if anyone else has any specific knowledge, please chime in!
  • @BTL (I'm an iOS developer considering Pro support for my own (non-music) app.)

    The iPad Pro supports existing apps just fine, just by stretching them out. A little like running an iPhone app on an iPad. This usually works great, but is a problem if you have to type text. The new keyboard is pretty bad in my opinion, and the old keyboard stretched out is even worse. So far, music is the *best* thing I've used my Pro for. Especially Audulus, but anything with a busy interface (DAWs, "knobby" apps) benefits.

    The Pro's processor is also pretty great, but battery life suffers, so be sure to keep plugged in.

    Interface devices that work with regular iPads will work with the Pro. Nothing changed there, as far as I know (but I don't know everything).

    No idea what developers will decide. I assume most will leave it as a feature, but some might make it an IAP or something.

    The only real new feature I can think of is the Pencil thing, though all prototypes I've seen are of dubious value.

    As far as sharing data, if you use iCloud on one iPad, it should sync with your Pro, so migration wouldn't be such a problem in Audulus. For other apps, you could use iFunBox to back up your patches and copy them over.
  • @jjthrash,
    Thanks for all that info.
    I'm glad you brought up iFunbox...I don't like the limitations on sandboxed in- app data files, some apps are far worse than others (Taylor did a great job with Audulus, however....:) ). While recently updating my current iPad, I ran into many troubles in this area (that I did manage to overcome, but took way to much time). During the course of this, I strongly considered downloading iFunbox, but got cold feet when I read some complaints from users as well as some reviews that claimed that iFunbox worked well at first, but then either slowed their computer overall, lost files, or played havock with their file menus. A couple of reviewers sad that they found that iFunbox.exe sometimes contains a Trojan horse (origin seemed unknown). It appears that it may be related to where the source of the download came from. Others (most) give rave reviews.
    Have you used it a lot for a considerable time? ... Had any problems?...Where did you download it from?
    Thanks...............P.S., I'm on a Mac.
  • @BTL, I'm on a Mac as well and have never noticed any problems with iFunBox. It is definitely the sketchiest app I have on my computer, though. It's easy to imagine people downloading compromised Windows versions from unofficial sources.

    I've used the app for a couple years now for music stuff, and also for pulling files off iDevices for debug purposes.
  • @BTL this is from purely a user perspective. Apple's pattern has been to add some functions to iPhones and leave them off the current iPad. Examples of this have been better cameras, finger print home button, and currently 3D Touch. In addition, to the issues Taylor mentioned in his interview, there is the basic issue of how many people are going to buy an iPad Pro as this is significant in terms of a motivation for developing iPad Pro apps. I think it can also be a case of lowest common denominator with Apple's rules about which devices apps can run on in a particular iOS version which can lead to lowest common denominator effects so that apps may not have increased functionality on a more powerful device but you can use the increased RAM to run more apps simultaneously without issues. AU is similarly handicapped by the limitations Apple has imposed to insure that AU runs on more iOS devices.

    I suspect some developers may hold off on developing music apps to take advantage of the iPad Pro's capabilities to see how things shake out.

    My speculation would be that the next generation of iPad Pro will have 3D Touch which will be very useful for music apps and be sorely missed if you have the original iPad Pro.

    If not enough people buy the iPad Pro, developers may decide not to develop for it given the expectation of cheap apps, and no way to have fully functional demo versions for apps. In addition, complex apps frequently have more complex implementations requiring more complex file systems which are not consistent with the iOS sand boxing approach. It seems to me a lot of issues will be decided over the next year based upon sales, if developers opt to develop for the iPad Pro, what features iPad Pro 2 will have, what changes to iOS and App Store/development policies Apple makes, and the impact competing tablets may have (e.g. Microsoft Surface). Right now the iPad Pro is a bleeding edge product in my opinion and has all of the drawbacks of those products. For me this means the iPad Pro is unlikely to reach it's full potential this year and will likely fall behind when the iPad Pro 2 comes out.

    If you are running into problems not having enough power to run multiple apps or DAW tracks simultaneously or large patches in Audulus, the iPad Pro may be the way to go for you.
  • @jjthrash,
    Thanks for the additional comfort factor with iFunbox...I was able to due a full file back-up on some of my more critical apps (downloaded iFunbox, no problems. ...worked like a charm) before finally pushing the "upgrade button" (iOS 7 to 9.2).
    A Note, however: iFunbox is currently completely blocked from accessing sandboxed apps in 9.2...Developers are aware and currently seeking a solution.
    Fortunately, (with a lot of other extra work on my part), I did not loose anything on the upgrade, even though available iPad memory was extremely low....but having a full file back-up for the future, especially on some older apps that no longer exist (IAPS do not transfer with iTunes transfer/re- install) is quite comforting.
  • @Paulinko, @jjthrash,
    Thanks for the knowledge and insights on iPad Pro.
    Though I'm very attracted by the larger screen and the potential to run larger patches and more multi-tracks simultaneously, I agree that the Pro is currently undefined territory. Tablet sales are down for "the Big A", and this is a new release designed to "ooh and ahh"...I don't think they even know what they want it to be yet.... a super-duper iPad, a new platform, or even a computer alternative/replacement (for some)...., and as you mentioned (Paulinko), only sales will dictate that path....I think the potential of "kicking myself in the butt" when the second generation comes along is too high and too soon......think I'll stick with an Air 2 for now.
  • Anyone used Audulus on a 12.9" iPad pro? Would you call the screen size revolutionary or a game changer compared to the normal iPad?

    I'm on the cusp of upgrading...
  • I do use a pro these days and would say it's quite convenient. Not game-changing from a screen size perspective since you still have to zoom in a fair amount, removing some of the advantage of using a stylus, but it runs very smoothly and I can run larger more complex patches with the extra processing power.

    I would encourage you to upgrade anyways since outside of audulus, the Pro is a fantastic user experience.
  • Thanks, yeah I just picked up a second hand one. I'll probably keep my ipad air and run Audulus on it too! Effectively even more screen space.