Unit delay node doesn't seem to work
  • It outputs nothing (iOS) when fed with an oscillator for example, or I don't understand/use it correctly?

    Thanks for your help.
  • It's supposed to spit out the previous sample, but I've verified that it's not spitting anything out, at least iOS 9.1 on my Air.

    My patch is:
    Osc -> z[-1] -> meter
  • I'll have a look!

    (Just keep in mind that the warning from the docs: This node is currently in beta. CPU usage will be considerably higher when it is present.)
  • Hey Taylor! Just wanted to know if you think that this nasty bug can be fixed...

  • @SansNom, I'll look at it today!
  • I had a more detailed look at this and reproduced the problem. I'll continue looking into this :)