Littlebits CV USB
  • Has anybody tried using Audulus for IO control using Littlebits CV and USB modules? I see on their website where they've used MAX and CV Toolkit software for this application. Could somebody point me in the right direction for how to proceed with similar functionality in Audulus? Here's a link to the Littlebits site that shows several applications with these bits, software, and modular synths.
  • this will be a breeze when MIDI out comes, which Taylor is working on as the next big feature addition. You can try to do a workaround for now but imho just wait for MIDI out it will be easy then.
  • @biminiroad CV isn't synonymous with MIDI so I'm not sure how the MIDI out would impact the ability to use Audulus for CV IO.
  • Oh sorry i just assumed it was a MIDI to CV converter - Ive seen a few pics of these going around and thought I saw a MIDI cable plugged into one.
  • Littlebits now has MIDI, CV, and USB audio modules.
  • I have a QuNexus keyboard which has CV so I'll see if I can use it as a CV interface between Littlebits and Audulus. I have had some success by triggering CV gates using some apps such as Trigger Box and adjusting the output volume on the iOS device to the point where it triggers the CV hardware. Will try a similar approach with Audulus using square wave pulses.
  • @Paulinko This quote looks promising: "The [USB I/O] module is DC coupled which means that in addition to sending and receiving signals like music, it can also send and receive control voltages. This allows you to use software programs like Max, PD, and CV Toolkit."

    What I don't know is whether a simple audio out from Audulus over USB sending a control signal of some kind would just work. @Taylor?