Individual voices in polyphony
  • So I made a simple patch meant to be ambient sounding (slow attack/release), and I set it to polyphony so I can trigger voices such while that as one in fading, another is rising. However, when I release a key on the audulus keyboard and hit the next note, it seems as if it is using the same voice and shifting the pitch on the envelope, so the result is the tone being cut off and replaced by the next triggered note. Currently using Poly 8 on the keyboard. Is there something I should be doing to stop this?
  • If I had to guess, the polyphony is being handled on an event-by-event basis. In iOS, this means touch #1 -> voice #1, touch #2 -> voice #2, etc. In OSX, this would mean MIDI note on #1 -> voice #1 and so on.

    What if you were to combine a Legato-mode keyboard node with an ad-hoc sequencer and polyphony? I've attached a patch to provide an example that supports 4 separate voices. The example doesn't sound very good, but the idea is that you can tap a note, let go, tap another note, let go, etc. After you tap, it pulses a gate at full blast for your specified amount of time (pulse length).
    Sequential Legato.audulus
  • S&H seems to jump out to me as a possible solution here