Quantizer Bug?
  • I've included an example patch.

    If I set the quantizer to C Major scale, and then play said scale on my keyboard the fifth is replaced by a duplicate of the fourth.
    Quantizer Bug.audulus
  • @ToyDivision I've run into this. I believe what's happening is the quantizer is actually set so the "C" button actually corresponds to "A", due to the way the 1/o stuff works.

    I'm attaching a patch I used to get it to work. Essentially, transpose the 1/o signal down 3 semitones, quantize, then transpose back up. This doesn't seem right, and there's probably a better way, perhaps by allowing the quantizer to be rooted at a different tone.
    Quantize Cmaj.audulus
  • Actually, here's a better version, design to just be a Cmaj quantizer. It's not perfect, since it does the transpose internally as an extra calculation, but it works.
    Cmaj Quantizer.audulus
  • @biminiroad Is it worth fixing the built-in quantizer node to be C based instead of A based?
  • @jjthrash @taylor made the quantizer hah I just organized it and put it in the box - he would know more. I'm not even really sure how it works!
  • @Toydivision @jjthrash see if this will works. I only briefly tested it, so I'm not sure. I also added Hertz ins and outs for myself, because I like to be able to see pitches when I'm debugging. It uses some cpu, but I made it easy to get rid of if you don't need it.
    scale quantizer fix.audulus
  • @drewyeah It works great. Definitely a better fix than my hack.
  • Ah, yes, we should change the module to be C-based. I'll update the module that comes with the app :)