UPDATE: Audulus T-Shirt Design Contest! Stickers too!
  • I think it's high time we got some schwag, no? Anyone want Audulus t-shirts? Any ideas for a design? Might be cool to have a logo-less shirt that is just an awesome Audulus patch mid-freakout - conversation starter, for sure, no?

    So +1 this if you want t-shirts. Just want to get a read on if this is something people even want - won't waste my time putting it together if no one will buy them. Upload your entries for the design (in patch form). Would rather pick someone else's design to feature than my own, but if no one steps up I'll probably pick one of my "supercomputer" ones.
  • I would definitely be in for a shirt. I'm going to trust you and anyone else in providing a more interesting design than anything I could come up with. (I'm still using nodes! ;)

    So many beautiful possibilities..
    Black shirt with white grid framing the patch? Not sure how you could go wrong.

    I do like these wires. not sure how something like this would look on a tshirt but has potential. (@biminiroad, I did check the thread out. that was my wink nod(e) to it)
    1280 x 800 - 170K
  • @DrYes - stop using nodes! See this post: http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/825/alert-alert-stop-designing-w-nodes#Item_1

    But thanks for the input on the shirt! :) Seriously, check that post out though - it seems like it may apply to your situation.
  • It was this image that originally caught my attention on Twitter and led to me purchasing Audulus.


    It just looked like something I'd be into!

    So +1 on a cool looking patch shirt.
  • @toydivision nice! glad to know the buzz for shirts is here. i think we can probably do it at first through an on-demand shop - we could set it so we're just "breaking even" i.e., all the money goes to the t-shirt company, but you'll also have an official Audulus t-shirt to street team with haha - helps if we don't have to sink $2000 into a bunch of shirts that sit and get old over time.

    Anyone know any good houses that do that work?
  • I would, pattern dependant
  • A small laptop sticker would be nice.
  • I would be interested!
  • HAH! I'd go for a sticker or t-shirt of the current logo. It's quite suave.
    also the Borat pic is full of win.
  • oooh laptop stickers! didn't even think of that. +1 those if you want those too
  • LOL for Borat
  • yeah, I want a t-shirt of borat wearing our t-shirt @jpalluin
  • Laptop sticker would be cool too!
  • Yep! Borat should be the ambassador of Audulus!
  • Because Borat is capable of everything.
  • I get most of my tee's from redbubble.com, great quality, service and prices.
  • Tried this on uberprints. Just plopped image on shirt. With some effort, it could be something id be proud to wear. Ideally no text, but it just looked better with it there.
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    1680 x 1050 - 256K
  • @DrYes yeah I think Grey might work better now that I'm seeing it since two shades of black look weird on top of one another (and cutting out the black canvas is beyond my Photoshop skillz to do effectively). Funny you picked that picture cause I was thinking that might be a good one too - it's like WTF is going on there?! right?! I'd actually love it and I'm laying down the challenge here now - FREE TEE SHIRT FOR YOU if you can look at that module in that picture and tell me what's going on and why I did what I did there. It's in some subpatch in the CRT/Binary Gear thing I uploaded to the Lab sticky.

    It's obvious people want these things, so it's officially on my to-do list - now, I just need for y'all to upload your suggestions for designs! Screen cap your favorite Audulus patch/UI and we can all vote on what the 1st design will be. I work for Audulus and don't need all the glory here, would love it if people enjoyed someone else's design more than mine (people are quickly getting better than I am at UI design anyway!).

    1- Upload your designs for T-shirts (I think the sticker will just be the logo maybe? unless people have other ideas)
    2- Once we have enough uploaded, we'll vote on which we want the 1st T to be.
    3- If your design is picked, you will get a free T and sticker.
    4 -BONUS - if you can look at that module/portion featured in @DrYes 's mockup, and can effectively explain back to me what it does and why I developed it - just by studying it and watching it do its thing - you will also get a free T and sticker.
  • Also any research you guys can do into good companies to work with would be great - going to look through the other links people have posted. We make enough money on Audulus, we'll sell the shirts at cost - they're more valuable to us as a company for the conversation starter factor anyway. Plus, you guys were awesome about understanding the new upgrading price structure, selling the t's and stickers at cost just makes sense.

    That said, I hope these t's are nice to wear - I have some t's from audio companies that are cool looking but not made from very nice material, so I don't wear them very often. This shirt needs to be your new favorite shirt :)
  • How about this?
    2048 x 1536 - 116K
  • @biminiroad said "4 -BONUS - if you can look at that module/portion featured in @DrYes 's mockup, and can effectively explain back to me what it does and why I developed it - just by studying it and watching it do its thing - you will also get a free T and sticker."

    I'll have a crack.

    At first I thought it might be some kind of cellular automata, but after watching it for a while decided I was probably wrong...

    The phosphorescence dial makes me think it's probably a Williams-Kilburn Tube, which would make sense as it's a CRT monitor.
  • @ToyDivison - nope, it has something to do with the way data is moved throughout the modules. Follow the "Broadcast" chain to see it working.

    Also, the phosphorescence is a metaphorical control over the chemical composition of the phosphor that lines the inside of a CRT element - some phosphor, like in an oscilloscope, is quick lighting, quick fading, to draw fast lines, whereas CRT TVs have quick lighting, slow fading to make a smoother, less grainy image.
  • @JDRaoul - LOL i love it.
  • It was worth a shot. = )

    I really have no idea what I'm looking at!
    As far as I can tell the data is being converted into binary. (@ 8-bit depth?)
  • @ToyDivision - closer...but WHY? ;)
  • @ToyDivision - this method that I developed - a future feature will make it irrelevant in some regards) but it is necessary for how the thing works now. However, it was a Herculean mind task for me (especially as someone who knows nothing about coding), and I actually got the solution to the problem in a dream! This was in the deepest days of designing the library where I was basically doing Audulus from the moment I got up until the moment I passed out.
  • Most of my coding solutions happen in dreams!
    Or the shower.
  • Is it to do with the refresh rate of the CRT?
  • I might have to admit defeat on this. I've already used my days quota of brain cells and I haven't even had breakfast yet...
  • Last try:

    "what it does"
    Convert incoming audio into binary data that is split into discreet frequencies.

    "why I developed it"
    I'm not exactly sure why @biminiroad developed it, and after looking at all those patch cables I did question his sanity. (jokes)

    If I had to guess - I'd suggest it could be used to route to different parts of a patch based on incoming frequencies?

    Also, it looks pretty.
  • @ToyDivision - 1st answer is close, but you lose it on "discreet frequencies"

    As for sanity, I am definitely 100% board-certified crazy! ADHD is my main "condition" or whatever, and it does give me almost super-human concentration and endurance with Audulus. It also makes it impossible for me to get a normal job - been fired from every single place I've worked except for the last one, where I was like, you know what, I need to quit ONE job before I die, right? Anyway, I'm not super smart or clever or this or that I just beat my head against the wall for hours and eventually the answer comes to me.

    Another hint: turn the "Broadcast" knob slowly and watch its value change - then see what that 0-255255 number is getting turned into. That's almost giving it away!
  • Some days musical inspiration just isn't available.
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  • @biminiroad - I gave up trying to figure it out and just stared at the blinky lights for awhile.

    I eventually noticed the pattern. It's slowly counting up.

    It reminded of the countdown clock in Independence Day.


    Or Predator.


    So I can only surmise that it's some kind of doomsday device.
    Or a really big sequencer.
  • If it is a big sequencer I'd imagine it would be useful as a 'song' sequencer?

    Allowing you to piece together other seq's for a more traditional intro-verse-chorus type of thing.
  • @ToyDivision - the counting up is just the demo mode - think of the purpose of why it works the way it does, and what you can do if you fed...wait that's too much!
  • @JDRaoul that's creepin' me out! Reminds me of this scary clock that used to be in our house: https://www.google.com/search?q=creepy+clown+clock&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjqxPK-1-7JAhWIYyYKHc4HAcoQ_AUICCgC&biw=1572&bih=1092&dpr=0.9

    literally the first image that pops up when you type in "Creepy Clown Clock"
  • @biminiroad - I've had a really enjoyable morning taking random guesses and then googling things I know nothing about... I've actually learned quite a bit.

    I think I've gone too far down the rabbit hole... I can't actually think critically about it anymore!

    My very first reaction when I opened the patch and saw 255255 was RGB values.
    Are you converting audio into color?
  • @ToyDivision - here's another hint - don't think of it as 255,255 - think of it as 255/255, i.e. 2 3 digit codes stuck together
  • And mugs!? Black/white with patch/module on one side (and maybe the logo on the other).
    I'd go for a mug and shirt for sure.

    I'm not sure about eco friendly materials though. Something better than ceramic?
  • @DrYes - ceramic not eco-friendly because of the heat/energy it takes to fire them?

    Anyone else want other schwag? Keychains? I got a lanyard from Universal Audio when I asked them for a free t-shirt. Would people want something like that?
  • progressing from left to right.
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  • @DrYes dude that does kinda look sick - even has Audulus III in it already! How does everyone else feel about just moving ahead with this one? We can always make more in the future.
  • @biminiroad which one do you like, the grey with the longer image or the black?
    Rounded edges? Would it look better without the surrounding canvas? It does give it the audulus node, module and the apple app icon shape.
  • I kinda like the rounded edge one more - but I'd definitely set up the patch to really show what it can do - that TV you see there can display any graphical information you want - a picture, text, whatever. Since @ToyDivision was the only one who took a crack at it, he'll get a free T and @DrYes you'll get a free T for spurring me along (and because flattery will get you everywhere).

    TD - the 255255 number is two codes stacked together. From 000000-255255 runs through all the possible combinations you could make on one line of that screen. It gets converted into 255.255, then the decimal portion is clipped off and used to control the right side of the screen, and the whole number portion controls the left side. The right side cycles through all its combinations many times faster than the left, but it's actually relatively easy (though time consuming) to figure out a series of codes that can animate text scrolling. I started doing it with a scrolly Audulus, and I got through the A and was like, ugh, I need to work on something else and I haven't picked it up since (will finish it someday, just got swamped with other more important work).

    The Binary Gear is basically the same thing, but uses stacked oscilloscopes. You can actually dial in sequences that create, I shit you not, real faux-3d scrolling letters (though it's more suitable for Hebrew right now, going the direction it is - I've whined @Taylor to make it reversible, especially since it would match the look of an envelope, rather than being its mirror image - cf. Tutorial 3). This is much harder to pull off than the CRT screen, but for real - you could program it to display in different *fonts* even. It's all about jiggling the "Broadcast" knob the right way with a sequencer.

    The reason I call it the Binary Gear is that if you study it enough, it reveals itself to be basically a differential gear that can run through all the combinations of on/off for that entire screen. It even looks like a gear a bit if you turn the slew off and set it real slow (helps to use The Longest Time LFO and set it to like a day - that way you can see the really small changes happening that are otherwise moving too quickly for the vector to draw.)

    The interlacer can "pack" and "transmit" and then "unpack" many, many 255255 codes over the course of a few milliseconds, giving you access to as much FPS as you could conceivably want.

    I'll be explaining this in an upcoming video, so if that's left you more confused than not, just bear with me a little longer - I will not have my computer over the holidays, will just work w/ my iPad, so no video demos until I get back to Durham 1st or 2nd week of Jan. (My parents live in Ohio - Oberlin/Bay Village (suburb of Cleveland)

    If any of you will be in that area during that time frame, would love to meet up!

    BTW @JDRaoul was an immense help in this design, as I ran into the 32bit floating point wall several times in the course of trying to get this to work. He laid the groundwork for the eventual solution, and I couldn't have done it without him.
  • Awesome stuff!
    Yeah I just tried to get the levels in the red for some color. It's one hell of a good looking patch. The shirt has room for improvement.
  • The Interlacer shirt factory
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