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  • I upgraded to Audulus 3 recently and I cannot get the AU plugin to work. I can instantiate the plugin in Ableton Live 9.5 (64-bit) and Logic Pro X. In both cases it opens the Audulus plugin window, but it just says "Locate". The app is installed to the default location in /Applications. So I browse to it and select the app, but it's stuck saying "Locate". I've tried selecting the old version of Audulus, deleting the old version of Audulus, deleting and reinstalling the plugin, and restarting my computer. I'm out of ideas. It can't seem to see the app.
  • I had a similar issue... and it was caused by older plugin versions of Audulus still being installed


    Make sure you have deleted the older versions of the AU Audulus plugin too...

    They are typically found in either the System Library/Audio/Plugins/Components or User Library/Audio/Plugins/Components folders (Check both locations....)

    Delete all instances found...

    Then restart your Mac... Reinstall the A3 AU plugin again... and relaunch your DAW.

    Now all should be well.
  • Thanks for the assist @n6smith
  • Thanks for the help @n6smith. Unfortunately that didn't help.

    I forgot to ask in my initial post, but the AU installer I was downloading was "Audulus Audio Unit 2.9.pkg". I got there by clicking "Install AudioUnit" in the Audulus 3 app's menu. I thought that version number in the installer name was odd, but I looked around for anything marked "Audulus 3.0 Audio Unit" and couldn't find anything on the site or on the forum. So I thought maybe the AU had a different versioning scheme or something.

    The link is here BTW:

    Anyway, I decided to change the URL of that download link from "Audulus Audio Unit 2.9.pkg" to "Audulus Audio Unit 3.0.pkg", and there was an installer at that URL. So I downloaded, installed it, and everything is working now!

    I can't be the only one getting confused by this, so someone should update the link on the site.
  • @adamj, I'm seeing the link to the 3.0 AU. Are you still seeing the 2.9 version?
  • @taylor, ah ok. Now I see it after a command+shift+R force refresh. Apparently an old version of my page was being cached by my browser. I'm using Chrome on OS X and I've been finding it's extremely aggressive about caching. This is not the first time Chrome has refused to load the newest content on its own. FWIW I took a look at your HTTP response headers and didn't notice anything wrong. You could double check your ETags are actually updating when you change the page's content, and maybe set an explicit cache control header. But I think maybe Chrome is just being stupid / buggy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I have the same problem how to fix it?
  • The app is working but au no
  • @J12345 - can you send us an email about this? We like to keep support off the forum and in email since solutions can often be so specific to a person's hardware/software setup. - thanks!