Audulus 3 - iOS - Vertical Knob Control
  • I prefer "vertical" knob control, so configure it that way under Settings. Seems to work fine until I close Audulus 3 and re-open it and find the knobs are back to horizontal (even though Settings still seems to indicate they should respond to vertical). I have to then change it to Horizontal then back to Vertical to get it to respond properly. Anyone else seeing this behaviour?
  • I've gotten used to horizontal now even though I usually and thought I would prefer vertical. One benefit to horizontal is that the screen has more width than height providing more space for adjustment. Unless the knobs are at the edge of the screen of course.
    How about an option for horizontal And vertical? iVCS3 does this very well. Some other synth I have has the option too. I don't remember which and I haven't thought this idea through as to how well it would work in audulus
  • @Bryan58, thanks for reporting! I'll fix that.
  • @DrYes I think combining horizontal and vertical is an excellent idea. I'll experiment with that!
  • I also think it's a good solution.
  • I've made the change in the latest beta that combines horizontal and vertical. It seems to work really well :)
  • @Taylor IT DOES! Love it. Works very smoothly and naturally, just like you'd want it to.

    If you try to go exactly in between at a diagonal, the universe collapses - I've done it a few times already, this is actually the only universe where I *didn't* destroy the universe, so be careful! ;)