Note sustaining endlessly after initial trigger/attachment
  • Hi, I was watching your startup video, and tried to follow your footsteps, but after I create the keyboard node, and attach it to an oscillator and the output, there is an instant tone keeps playing. I can change that tone with my keyboard, but can't stop it without deleting the node. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Do I have something set wrong? I am running it through ableton as an audio unit btw. Macbook 2011.
  • Hey Misha,

    The oscillator is always running. Typically, one would use an ADSR envelope to control the amplitude of the sound. If you check out the video right at 1:30 ("but that note is just going to keep playing"), I discuss exactly this :-)

    - Taylor
  • Thanks! I'm sorry for the stupid question. I am watching the video more carefully this time. Stupid me. Thanks for the instant response. That is why I bought the program, I wish your business the best of luck. Thanks again.
  • No worries! all questions are welcome here. And thanks!

    - Taylor