Bimini Road - Reptar Music Video Animation (not Audulus)
  • I spent a month drawing this music video frame by frame (with a mouse, no less!), and, anyway, I'm just sad it doesn't have more views by now! Check out my friend's band Reptar and the trippy music video I made for their song Ice Black Sand. Would hugely appreciate a share on Facebook to get it cycling round again. Would love to get some more work doing music videos in the future, maybe one of you want to hire me? Would be awesome to make a video for someone who's using Audulus in their song.

    It defaults to 360p for some reason, make sure you watch it in HD.

  • awesome song, awesome video, awesome combo. Thanks for that!
  • @DrYes you rock, thanks for checking it out! I'm trying to get these guys into using Audulus! Maybe they'll come around the forum at some point and say hi.
  • Nice video!
  • @jjthrash thanks! Believe it or not guys working on my Cogito gave me the confidence that if I just put my mind to it, I could do a music video, even with the limited drawing skills I have (this entire video is basically creative tracing).