ABLETON LIVE 9.5 AU SOLUTION! Switch to 64 bit.
  • If you're running 32 bit, upgrade to 64 (free). Thank you to @melkesedek for finding this solution. Please let us know if it doesn't work for you and we'll keep trying to figure out what's wrong.

    This is why it worked for me and maybe not you guys - I installed 64 bit from the start. Why didn't you guys? Just curious, not judgemental ;)
  • After restarting my computer (not something I do very often) Audulus AU loads up in Ableton Live 9.5! – I always had the 64bit version btw.

    So I confirm both Audulus AU instrument and effect work in Live 9.5 64bit now.
  • @Xoki THANK YOU! God on, Rockspeed.
  • Audulus AU and Live 9.5 64bit is working for me as well.
  • Ok, removing "possible" from title.

    Anyone know why people don't use 64-bit? Less HD space?
  • I don't think there is that much difference in size from memory.

    Perhaps some people are running older Macs?
  • So I can copy/paste nodes with CMD+C/V in Audulus AU in Numerology. This does not work in Ableton Live - can anyone confirm that copy/paste nodes works in Ableton Live?
  • @Xoki - you are correct, it does not work because you are using Live's shortcuts. Try designing in the standalone and upload your finished (or nearly finished) patches to the AU. I don't think there's an easy way around this (correct me if I'm wrong @Taylor), as you can probably surmise. I'm surprised it works in Numerology.
  • Yeah I figured it had something to do with Lives shortcuts. If only copy/paste was part of the node menu when right clicking, that would be very helpfull. As I can right click on nodes and choose copy, but there is no paste option when right clicking outside the nodes.

    The standalone version seems a lot more cpu intensive then the AU version, so I will stick to buliding my patches on my ios device and AU plugin.
  • " If only copy/paste was part of the node menu when right clicking, that would be very helpfull."


    I have no idea how the standalone could possibly be more CPU intensive than the AU - how are you measuring this? As far as I understand it, it's not like the AU somehow magically runs faster, ya know? They're identical under the hood, just wrapped in different containers.
  • Well I'm measuring it through activity monitor, it might not be an accurate method, but a patch running within 7-14% on my iphone 5s runs approx 40% in the standalone version and 3-4% in the AU version in Numerology. Of course there might be some strange things going on in how the two hostes (Numerology/Ableton LIve) report cpu usage of plugins, but my machine is running considerably hotter with the standalone version.
  • "biminiroad

    Ok, removing "possible" from title.

    Anyone know why people don't use 64-bit? Less HD space?"

    My exemple: my mac got only 4gb and Ableton explains that running at 64 requires a minimum of 8gb.
  • @ViniT - ok, @Taylor will know this. It DOES fix it though! ;)
  • @ViniT some people may still be running 32-bit to remain compatible with software that won't run 32-bit.
  • I've heard that you could accurately record the amplitude wave of an atomic blast with a 64bit file.
  • +1 for copy/paste somewhere on screen for the audio unit version. there's a small menubar at the bottom... perhaps refining this guy with a few more quick reference buttons would smooth workflow quite a bit!
  • This worked for me too. Unfortunately I have quite a few 32 bit VST's which are now unavailable....
  • zuiopo: You can run both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Live on the same system. I mainly work in 64-bit, but I also have the 32-bit version if I want to use some older 32-bit only plugins. Just rename one of them or put it into a folder.

    Once 32Lives gets VST support I'll probably pick it up.