Modulation of the delay time
  • Hi,
    I bought Audulus today with an idea I had in mind a while back: with audiobus support and audulus being able to act as an effect processor, it will be possible to build fantastic chorus units with the built-in delay lines. Unfortunately, it seems that the delay time can not be modulated by an lfo, and this not possible...
    I'm totally new to this app (I still can't figure out how to control a filter cutoff with an env generator), but I have the feeling that a lot of parameters can not be modulated which is a bit annoying for a modular. Maybe I missed something or misunderstood.
  • Hey SansNom,

    Hold tight, a modulating delay line is coming soon :-) I agree, its important. I'm going to make all the knobs modulatable, its just a matter of time.

    For modulating a filter cutoff... the trick is that the filter takes Hz and the env outputs (0,1), so you'll need to do a little math to convert. The "Welcome" example does this.

    - Taylor
  • Yep - a lot of the things that are modulate-able now are just a simple matter of getting the maths right.
  • That's good to hear. And thanks for the tip.