Audulus 3 Mac : Magic Mouse zoom issue..
  • Hi Taylor,

    The ability to zoom with the Magic Mouse has gone awol again in Audulus 3...

    If you recall, there was a similar/same problem with Audulus 2 which you fixed...

    Loving the new version btw!!


  • Thanks for letting me know Nigel! I wonder how I messed that one up.

    I'll fix it ASAP :)
  • No problem!

    Issue exists in both standalone and AU plugin....

    OS X 10.10.5 and LPX 10.2 (Same issue under El Cap Latest Public beta )

  • Audulus 3 marks the first time I've purchased Audulus for the Mac, so the controls are all new to me. I recommend updating the docs to point out the Control + Scroll behavior.
  • Hey @n6smith, I just acquired a Magic Mouse. You should be able to hold down control and then swipe vertically on the mouse to zoom.

    I'll update the docs :)

    - Taylor
  • Hi guys,

    So i bought Audulus 3 on my macbook, so I'd been using the trackpad. Just now trying on my iMac with my Magic Mouse, and I came across the hold control to scroll with the mouse deal.

    So... I use the control-mouse up/down to zoom in on my mac a lot... no way I can sacrifice that feature for a single app. Are there any other ways to zoom in/out in Audulus 3 on Mac if I don't have a trackpad?

    Not sure what to do, cause this alone would be a total show stopper on my main music production system. Really hoping there's an alternative and I'm just missing it. Any chance of reworking the control+scroll to something like option+scroll? Even a simple setting change in the preferences for users who prefer one or the other would be hugely helpful.
  • @luche - do you not have a scroll wheel on your mouse? I mean, isn't there like an "internal" scroll wheel on the magic mouse?
  • yes, the magic mouse natively scrolls both horizontally and vertically. e.g. i use it to scroll a website up/down with the vertical swipe.

    In the Audulus 3 mac doc, it specifies this:

    Apple Magic Mouse users: swipe on the mouse to pan, hold the Control key and swipe vertically to zoom. (Note: you may need to turn off "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom", in the Zoom section of the Accessibility control panel in System Preferences.)

    The problem is, this is how you zoom in/out on the mac globally. I'd have to disable an apple wide global feature that i use all the time. That's no good!

    Does that make sense? I'm just looking for an alternative to disabling the system control+scrollwheel and still be able to zoom with a magic mouse in Audulus 3 on my iMac. Is there any other way (keyboard shortcut, or customize the zoom controls) to zoom in/out of an Audulus 3 window?
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  • Ahhh i see what you mean now. Yeah, custom keymappings are something we're open to, it's just unfortunately further down on the to-do list than stuff, like MIDI-out. I'm sympathetic to what you want - Chrome stopped working for me recently and I'm totally lost having to do everything in Firefox now, it's very frustrating. I'm just going to wipe my computer and start again, hopefully that fixes it. I waited a long, long time for the lasso tool, and I'm just glad it's here now, hopefully you can bear with us while we push out some new features first?

    On the flipside, @Taylor just told me about a hidden feature that *already exists* in Audulus 3 that hasn't been "exposed" to the public yet - I can't tell you what it is just yet, but it is MINDBLOWING.
  • @Taylor,

    Thanks.. Like luche, I was using the OS X global Zoom commend which over rode the shortcut in A3 hence the issue.. I reassigned the Global command in Sys prefs and now Zoom in A3 works again with the Apple Mouse..


  • I have problems with this too. I've been using ctrl+scroll accessibility zoom constantly for years and its deeply engrained in my muscle memory to zoom in and out this way. I did it multiple times while typing this post. I'd really like to not change it. Audulus zoom also runs in the opposite direction, which doesnt help.

    What about additionally adding the common cmd+ and cmd- shortcuts too audulus?
  • @kali

    "Audulus zoom also runs in the opposite direction, which doesnt help."

    Not for me it doesn't.. Scrolling matches my OS X scroll functionality here... both in natural mode and otherwise...

    Anyhow.. imho.. an Audulus Zoom option to OPT + Scroll Mouse rather than over riding OS X's default CTRL + Scroll Mouse would be equally useful... as like Kali, my muscle memory is firmly entrenched using CTRL + Zoom for the much needed OS X functionality, especially on my iMac 5K screen! :)



  • @kall, I'll definitely add the cmd+ and cmd- shortcuts :). In fact I'm really sorry they weren't already in there.
  • Point taken folks, I'll change to option-scroll for zoom :)

    I just wasn't familiar with the global OSX control-zoom and never used that feature.
  • Thanks Taylor...

    As always, your attention to detail, when supporting your user base, is truly appreciated!


  • Thats great, thanks.
  • Using ctrl-shift-scroll on the magic mouse seems to work just fine for me.