WINNERS! Be the FIRST to review Audulus 3 in your country on App Store: Win a promotional code!
  • Hi Taylor,
    Congratulations on the new version release, wrote a review in the Mac UK AppStore.
  • How do we get the code.... would like to gift the iOS version to the Audiobus folk.
  • I don't know... there was no reviews in the uk store when I posted my review! could I claim a windows code in advance ;-)
  • Hi Taylor, first review for Audulus in Russian Mac App Store - checkit out )
    Great that I found this forum, it is to help my study Audulus_
  • @Taylor Just checking if promo codes sent yet as nothing in my email (or junk) if not no worries
  • just wrote a review to the Hungarian App Store. Great!!!
  • @taylor

    finally! my review is public on the austrian app store. (iham13)
    hope it helps and - to be honest - to get a licence for my ipad too ;) so i can play on both. my mac and my ipad :D

    keep up the good work! i love the ui :)
  • @iham - nice! roundtrip workflow :) Check out the new patch I just uploaded
  • Hi Taylor,
    Thank you for this wonderful app! I just wrote a review in Chinese mac store, guess I'm the first XD. Could I get a windows code? And my id is Kiaaaaaaan
  • @kian - Star Trek pun name? ;)
  • @biminiroad Actually not hahaha
  • I am Star trekking in Italy! One of the winner for iOS store!
  • I write a review in the italian mac app store. I see only mine. dopadura :-)
  • @ciapessoni and @padura are both WINNERS in Italy!

    If I've missed anyone, just tell me right here!
  • @Taylor I was UK have I missed codes?
    I was looking for a Mac code :-))
  • @tadet, code sent via private message :)
  • Won in Germany and would like to get the iPad code.
  • @Cinebient, thank you!! Promo code coming via private message :)
  • Probably too late but review of Mac version under Shadyfarrell on UK App Store.
    If not too late, IOS please.
  • Still no code. Was the winner for iOS gernany. Wrote you a private message weeks ago.
  • @Gadnief - check your inbox :)
  • @Ganief, sorry for the mix up!
  • Barovski MF is a new WINNER in Netherlands! (Please contact me!)
  • @dj_embj, sent you a code!
  • @iham is a WINNER in Austria!
  • Lotazzo is a WINNER in Peru! (Please contact me!)
  • @dfpnk is a WINNER in Australia!
  • Can I get a Windows code? :) I don't have a Mac, just an Ipad Mini. Thank you.
  • @infopasscom, absolutely :). Just get in touch with me when Audulus 3 for windows comes out.
  • I've post a review on Qatar App Store (first and hope not the only one, though...), for Ipad. Waiting to be posted. But I would like to have a code for Windows, when it will be available, because I don't own a Mac and I'll stick to Ipad and Windows. Thank you.
  • @infopasscom thank you!! Send me a message when the Windows version comes out and I'll send you a free copy :)
  • Liyinghenhao is a WINNER in China! (Please contact me!)
  • Hi Tayor,

    first of all congrats for Audulus! Surching for this for a long time!
    Think I am the first to review Audulus 3 in the Brazilian Shop, if so, I'd like to get the Windows Promo Cod when its out.

    Thank you and keep on rockin!
  • @hapbrasil thank you!! Just send me a message when the Windows version comes out :)
  • I think I am the first one on the Dutch Mac App Store (username Balph), is it possible to get a code for the Mac version? I think I know someone who would like to have it :)
  • hi Taylor,

    I would like to write review in Polish shop for iPad version (also iPad Pro) is it still a chance to get promo code for Mac ?
  • @balph @marsw Codes coming your way!
  • @balph is a WINNER in Netherlands!
    @marsw is a WINNER in Poland!

    Thanks for the reviews!!
  • Hi, Taylor! Hi all users! Following you quite a while, but I'm new in synthesis and did not expect to have such a great luck to have chance to own both versions of your great app!
    I do not like to use presets and pre-patched sounds in my productions, so this is cool to dive into the prime synthesis with your app on a Mac and an iPad!!! Mac review is on Ukrainian store and it seems to be first! )))
  • @Din_McHine thanks for the review! I'll be sending you a code as soon as it shows up on my end :)
  • @Din_McHine is a WINNER in Ukraine!
  • Thanks for a great product - added a review in the Danish app store (username tgkristensen) - hoping for a promotional code to get even more people hooked ;-)
  • @tgk, you're a WINNER in Denmark! I'll send you a code!
  • rewiewed on argentinian store.
    maybe I came late. :)
  • I'M sure i'm too late and i've already bought both versions 2, 3 ios and Windows. Nevertheless i will reviw for the UK store.
  • Hi Taylor and greetings for your amazing software. I tested the free trial version a bit and I read today about this possibility to have a free code.

    Well I'm trying to write something but I can't do reviews if I don't purchase the software at first...

  • Looks like I'm late by I posted a review in Australia with the nickname SirShanksalot.
    Already sporting iOS v3 but haven't picked up Mac version yet.

    Loving Audulus 3 even more than Audulus 2 :-D
  • @gridhar is a WINNER in Argentina!
  • Hi Taylor, splendid synth! I've just written a few words on the Israely Apple store