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  • Write a review on the App Store for Audulus 3. If you're the FIRST to review in YOUR COUNTRY, I'll send you a promotional code for a FREE version of Audulus for either Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Windows (when Windows is released). Your CHOICE :-). The promo code can also be used as a gift.

    Write an iPad review:

    Write a Mac review:


    When you've posted your review, post here with the username you used on iTunes, and which version of Audulus you'd like :)

    - Taylor
  • Great work! Just sent in a review for the norwegian store. Hope I'm the first, since the desktop integration is my favorite feature.
  • @borg1, thank you! I'll watch for your review on my end :)
  • Check Slovakia ;-)
  • @Goozoon, excellent, thanks!
  • Hi Taylor, excellent update with a great GUI. The tutorial series will be very usefull for a lot of people, including me. The availability of all the buildingblocks is a major plus.
    Just as I did for version 2 of Audulus, I wrote a review for the Belgian appstore, it's written in Dutch ;)
  • @Vibes71, excellent, thank you!
  • Wrote one for Australian store. Not sure how long it takes for them to show up.
  • Wrote a Review in the german store for this amazing App!!!(Pinki und Brayn as nick in the store)
  • Wops...the store doesn't allow to write reviews if one is not already owning the app, which makes sense :-) I have to pass this on then. Anyway thanks for the opportunity. Awesome brilliant app! Congrats
  • Just sent in my review, said 'be the first to review' in the mac app store... hoping i'm the first! Would love a code for the iPad as well :)
  • On my way this is amazing dude, I'm in UK
    I'd love one for my iMac
    Just so you know it me its a no brainer
  • Added my review for the US!
  • I'm from Mexico! but not an "A" owner, so couldn't leave my review in the AppStore. However, here is it!!

    Hi, I've been reviewing weeks ago similar modular, apps like Analog Kit, zMors, Modal pro, Modular synthesizer, Jasuto, SunVox... even though I viewed their video-tutorials and I own some of them, apparently they can do almost the same but, the most important result for me is the sound. Audulus take huge advantage in quality sound. Great work and customer commitment.
  • Mexico: WTH, I just bougth it and left my review, hope to get the code to use it for my Mac
  • Oh Canada!

    Just wrote an iPad review. Congratulations on this spectacular app - really pushing the boundaries of what is possible
  • Sent one to the Mac App Store in Canada...

    Do you send one promotional code to the ios store and another one to the mac store or it's the first one from each country that receive one ?

    All the best!
  • @Gui02, they're separate stores and separate codes :)
  • Great! :)
  • Just sent for us store. Loving the new version!
  • turkey store. sent for ipad.
  • Sent my review to the Spanish store :)
  • Just wrote review for Polish Mac App Store.
    Finally got it! :)

    PS. iOS version please
  • Done in Italian store. Good work. Thanks a lot. Emanuele
  • just wrote review for Japan app store :)
  • Hi! My review for Russian App store
  • hi!

    i wrote a small review for audulus for mac osx on the austrian app store and hope for an iPad version ;)

    you did an awesome job and i hope for a happy time using this software to get into modular synth's!

    best regards,
  • Hi
    Congratulations on the new version! I can't wait to immerse myself in this...I just reviewed it on the UK store...
  • Wonderful fun! Wrote a review for the Taiwan App Store and hope to get a code for the Mac version. Great job!
  • Did a quick one in Finnish store. I have the iPad version, but have no need for mac promo as I'm a Windows user.
  • Seems i´m the first in the german mac store (under "Galaxyexplorer") : )
  • No idea how this happened but I got 1st and 2nd place in UK store b b b b bonus
  • I see my review in the US mac app store today, though they don't seem to be in order by time. Can you let us know when you plan to issue the promotional codes? I'd really like to check out the differences in the iOS version now that I've got the Mac version :)
  • I may have been the first on the US IOS store. (cianoc123)
  • Excellent job all! I've got a bunch of reviews to sort through. Working on it now :)
  • WINNERS for iOS reviews:

    @cianoc in USA!
    @borg1 in Norway!
    PierreTricoire in France! (contact me!)
    @Goozoon in Slovakia!
    NeGrujay in Belgium! (is that you @Vibes71?)
    mijko in Switzerland! (contact me!)
    SKON23 in Australia! (is that you @LutherBlissett?)
    Pinki und Brayn in Germany! (@Gadnief?)
    @Abi in Mexico!
    @rosano in Canada!
    @butchered in Turkey!
    obelixko in Spain! (@synthi?)
    @tadet in UK
    drnoisfrombrno in Portugal! (contact me!)
    Star trekking in Italy! (contact me!)
    もへえ in Japan! (is that you @pirozhiki ?)
    @dan271 in Russia! in Sweden! (contact me!)
    Snack Machine in Taiwan! (is that you @reskikito?)
    @saminurmela in Finland. Contact me for a free Windows copy when it comes out!

    Did I miss anyone for iOS reviews?
  • WINNERS for Mac reviews:

    @luche in USA!
    @Cinebient in Germany!
    DOOMSHARK in Canada! (contact me)
    @Blueberry_Jam in Poland!

    Did I miss anyone for Mac reviews?
  • Haha yes I forgot that I picked that as a user name:-) I updated the review with my reskikito sign at the end just so you know we are the same person;-) Thanks for your help!
  • Hello Taylor
    Yes, I am "もへえ". in iOS review.
  • "obelixko in Spain! (@synthi?)"

    Yes! ;)
  • @Taylor Yes, NeGruJay is part of my name spelled backwards (Jurgen)... :)
  • Ok, so to speed up the process, if you're a winner, PM me and let me know which code you'd like, Mac or iOS.

    - Taylor
  • yes... me (iham) :(
    i did a review for audulus on OS X in the austrian app store.
  • hm ...
    it isn't published now.
    didn't get that at first sight.
  • Boom UK App Store. I've just bought both the iOS and the Mac store one, so if I can gift the code to a worthy friend that would be much appreciated.

    Also .. well done in rolling out such a comprehensive update. My 1 and only question is does it all support DC coupling too? if so I think you have just made my day.
  • Hi Taylor, thanks for making this great software. I just started the tutorials and I'm really impressed. I did a review in the Mac App Store in Australia - I'm hatchpk. Not sure if I'll be the first but I'd love to play with the iOS version if I am.
  • Awesome! Yeah!! Thank you Taylor and all the crew!!
  • Hmmm, after redeming the code, I can't seem to write a review in the Mac Store : "To review this app, you must have purchased it from the Mac App Store". Although Audulus 3 appears in my purchased items...
  • @Vibes71, yeah Apple doesn't allow folks who downloaded with a promo code to write reviews.
  • @Taylor Apple sucks ;^)