Collapsable interface (playing only mode)
  • To be able to enter into a playing / performance only mode that allows one to focus on the controls of Audulus and not connections (spaghetti). Similar to Max for Live.

    (However I understand if it is not the 'concept' of the Audulus team to go down a 'state' or 'mode' model.)
  • I added a "lock" mode on the iPad version which just locks the node positions... but I'm thinking of extending that so the wires are hidden too, and adding it to the mac version.

    Yeah, I've tried to minimize the modes, but I agree that a performance mode is warranted :-)

    - Taylor
  • Honestly- add the ability to put a custom PNG skin behind the nodes and you have yourself a sweet Reaktor replacement that doesn't take 15 years to learn!

    You probably remember SonicBirth?


  • haha... I've been itching to write a whole theme editor actually. Need to update the graphics engine a bit first... right now it requires a full reload to switch colors.

    I've seen SonicBirth, but haven't tried it... definitely has that same simple in-context vibe that Audulus has :-)
  • @Taylor – If you do decide to implement a performance mode, think about having the triggers turn into square "drum pad style" pads in that mode. I can't tap a trigger in rapid succession right now without zooming in, even with the screen locked. I'd love to have a way to "play" triggers without the zoom. (I'm using the iPad version).

    I really love the look of Adulus. The only thing that looks out of place to me is the wave meter. It looks rather plain compared to the other modules (maybe you could add some color to it, and even put a small margin between the border and the extremes of the waveform. Not that it's a big deal, especially if it would add discernable drag to resources.
  • @ZenLizard, thanks! Good point about improving the waveform meter. I've been wanting to get to that for a while now :-)

    For the performance mode, one thing I'm wrestling with is whether to turn off the zoom gesture so the nodes can receive multi-touch gestures (the zoom gesture captures two-finger gestures, making it impossible to, say, move two knobs simultaneously or tap on two rhythm pads). This would make the UI much more "playable." I agree that the trigger node should be usable as a drum pad, that would be cool!

    - Taylor