semi-tone - or other musical - quantize?
  • Hi All,

    Me again - new here: does anyone know where I can find a patch that quantizes (semi-tones) values musically? I'm trying to setup a sequencer that is more 'traditionally' musical.

  • Hi @fuzzbrains! Try this guy:

    It's equal-tempered, but there are Just Intonation variants floating around the forums as well.
  • Holy smokes - that is cool!

    I haven't had a chance to sniff around all the sub/patches yet, but this is on my 'to play with' list for sure...

    Equal temperament is the MIDI standard, right? I'll stick with this then.

    Nice touch with the scales too - not sure why the start (0,0...) - should it be using semitones? Major (2, 2, 1...) or something like that?
  • @fuzzbrains, the value is the offset from the root note.

    So think root + 0, root + 1, root + 2, etc. 2 means 2 semitones.

    I got a better feel for the subpatch after going through @afta8's list of different scales and figuring out what they meant.