Sample Node playback position
  • To publish the playback position of the sample node to allow granular and complex playback of samples, other than currently only a bang.
  • Yes, good suggestion :-). (its on my list)

    I'm thinking it should just have a time input and an audio output. So if you wanted the current behavior, you'd just wire the Timer node into it. What do you think?

    - Taylor
  • What I love about Audulus is that it is very simple to get to make sound. I like that. I think that developing simple nodes that allow behaviour to build up around (not in the nodes) is best.

    Coming from a PD / MAX / Quartz Composer / Reaktor interest I think that simply allowing the nodes to work together is best. I have also used Plogue Bidule however even to this day I find that the interface is clunky and counterintuitive.

    I really like the maths nodes, and most probably advanced functionality should be added to Audulus through them. (so not to make the software too hard for beginner users).

    Sorry- to answer your question yes- that sounds great. I still have issues with getting love out of Plogue Bidules audio playback! :-/ Its got Triggers and Gates etc etc lots of fun!

    Obviously there are tones of loops etc, don't know if its sane to add any sync ability? Or tempo detection (through metadata) even with Apple loops?
  • a sample node that can play apple loops in a tempo-aware context (perhaps via midi clock or a trigger) ... that would be unbelievably awesome.

    On the sample node parameters, I'd like to have a length parameter (perhaps in samples?) as well as a start position parameter (also samples?). Will make the aforementioned granular synth stuff a lot easier!

    even better ... and I guess I'm thinking out loud ... the sample node could have a trigger like the seq16, except that the trigger steps through samples or beat divisions (if the sample contains the apple loop metadata). That'd be pretty kickass!