Mac touch screen support ?
  • I'm probably going to buy a touch screen as a second monitor for my mac ( using touch-base drivers )
    Does the mac version of audulus support multi finger gestures natively, and if not would it be easy to add ?
    Patching some modules on a large touchscreen should be awesome fun.
  • Link to the monitor you're considering? Curious about this now!!
  • The Mac version supports pinch-to-zoom and swipe to scroll gestures. So assuming the touch-base drivers just communicate that, then you should be good :)
  • Great, looking forward to trying it !
    I'm considering either the Acer FT220hql or FT200hql, I don't have space for another massive screen so these should be a good compromise.
    The Acer T series in 23 and 27 inch look great too for someone with the space.
  • Would be kinda cool and space station-like if the touchscreen was sunk into the desk like they are in consoles sometimes. Inspiring idea! Thanks for sharing
  • Reporting back : Got the Acer FT220hql + touch base driver, all setup and the gestures do work !
    Audulus is super fun to use on the screen and looks great.
    On the minus side the touch gestures have a bit of lag and occasional fiddlyness but I think it's more the screen and drivers.
    Overally it's great to use this way!
  • @lysander, that's awesome! You should do a quick video demonstration :)