Copying and Pasting Custom Nodes Between Instances
  • I'm on windows right now.

    I tried the "toolkit approach" as seen in afta8 video. He has an instance of audulus with all his custom nodes to create synths more easily. Then he launches a new instance and start copying and pasting the nodes he wants.

    I tried that now on windows and it doesn't work, I can only copy and paste in the same instance, but not between instances. Is there something that I'm missing?

  • The pasted node gets put in the location it was originally where it's copied. So whenever I can't see it I gotta zoom out and usually there it is if it's a busy patch turn up brightness and just click an empty spot should zoom out past what you had and however many times you pasted .... Will be there on top of each other. Sometimes I pasted in the file I cut from and then still couldn't find it in the new project! But it is there. But I'm on ifone too