Spline node how-to?
  • I've seen people using the spline node, but even when I poke around on the designs, it's hard to figure out how it works or what exactly it does. Can someone either make a "For Dummies" patch explaining it or point me in the direction of some reading I can do that will make them make sense?
  • Here's my muddled-through attempt:

    - the input can be a value from 0 to 100*π (314 or so). Try plugging a constant node with that range into the input and see what happens to the red circle when you fiddle.
    - the output will be a value from (bottom left corner number) to (top left corner number)
    - the way the input gets converted into the output depends on where you put the lines. If the line goes from bottom left to top right, all it does is map the value directly onto the output range. If the line were entirely horizontal, it wouldn't matter what the input was, the output would always be the same value (wherever it was in the output range).
    - to add nodes (green circles), double tap on the line somewhere. To move them, drag. No idea how you delete them.

    Hope that helps.
  • 100*pi you say? I've always wondered about the exact scale of the spline. I use a somewhat arbitrary value of 310.
    Double-tap to remove a green circle.
    If you set the lower value of the spline to 0 - so that the range is 0-1 - you can connect the spline to a Crossfade to easily scale your output to any range.
  • @Taylor, a question I've had since the beginning.. if it's called a spline, why doesn't it have curves? Is that a future improvement? I can't imagine the UI for generating Bezier curves is terribly easy, but it would be very cool for waveshaping purposes. Or even poor-man's wavetable synthesis.
  • @biminroad 3 ways to drive a spline:
    Spline Demo.audulus
  • @jjthrash, it's a linear spline, but the plan all along has been to add curves :)
  • Thanks guys!
  • Boom, spline oscillator. I'm riffing on example #3 in @JDRaoul 's Spline Demo.
    Does anyone hear clipping at low frequencies? When I started there was a clip every cycle. At a few Hz I could hear a clip, and and the audible range it became a harsh out-of-tune harmonic. I think i I got rid of it, but let me know.
    cs-spline osc lab.audulus