uModular long period envelope generator
  • After building a long period model of the Casio CZ eight stage envelope generator, I thought that a uModular version of a single stage might be useful. It features a start value, end value and rate knob, a latching and non-latching start gate, input, a reset input, a value out, running gate out, and a done gate. You can chain multiple units together for multi-stage envelopes. The time for a full 0 to 1 sweep varies from 1 second to 16 minutes. The rate control is exponential. The non-latching start gate is primarily for use in chaining multiple modules together. If you hold the latching gate high and reset it will start again. I have included a demo with some different possible arrangements.

    11-20 updated rate control see below
    Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 12.20.09 PM.png
    3114 x 2678 - 1M
    uLong demo.audulus
  • I love the postal envelope icon! Seems super useful, I will have to try it out.
  • Here's a more complex demo
    uLong demo 2.audulus
  • I like the new demo, it's a catchy little ditty.
  • I modified the rate control for more precision at slower rates
    uLong V2.audulus