Audulus talk to Raspberry Pi?
  • Anyone know a way I could get clock signals from Audulus and sync them to a Raspberry Pi over USB? I want to keep the Pi's audio ins/outs free for other things. A little (imperceptible) latency is fine - just bought a Pi B+ and was hoping to get the Audulus and Pi to sync.
  • One idea: convert Audulus output into voltage, somehow. Something by Expert Sleepers, maybe? They might have a very specific conversion from audio to voltage, though.

    Problem is, RPi doesn't handle analog signals directly. You have to patch in something else to handle the ADC so RPi will be able to read the results on its GPIO. I think that's what this is for:
  • Yeah, I was thinking maybe using an Arduino as a kinda go-between? I dunno - I'll definitely keep y'all posted if I can make something of it. Doing that sequencer and seeing @legopatch 's ripple simulator just got the programming bug into me.
  • By the way, I'm itching to try out a Teensy:

    It has an Arduino compatible mode that supports MIDI, so in theory you could create a CV -> MIDI, or pot -> MIDI, or switch -> MIDI device. Moar knobs!

    It also has a number of analog pins, so you could use it to act as the go-between.
  • Naiiice! Thanks for the heads up. I really wanna make a Monome work-alike with the Pi that controls the synthesis on Audulus. I figure making a unique sequencer will be easier than building a synth from scratch on the Pi - though there is a cool modular one called Piana that sounds pretty sick (it's closed source though I think)
  • Also check out Sonic Pi. It's straight up Ruby programming, but it's written by a guy who does live performances of programmed music. Really interesting stuff.

    I love the idea of a Monome-like thing. I saw this in passing: It looks like it's USB, but would require programming on the Pi.
  • Speaking of monome, wouldn't it be cool if we had dedicated nodes for the monome?

    I like the idea of Pi connectivity too... hopefully that can be done just via fancy audio/midi routing. I suppose this underscores the need for MIDI out.
  • @jjthrash - sonic pi is awesome! thanks for telling me about it. what SOMEONE needs to do (not you @taylor) is just make a damn pure OSC -> variable voltage converter. We could finally start to kill off MIDI.
  • @biminiroad, haha I like how you are keeping me on track there :)