Strange UI Bug when double-tapping a subpatch
  • When I double-tap a subpatch to go into it (iPad), the subpatch occasionally jumps to another location in the containing patch. I *think* it must be jumping to 0,0 or something like that.

    Has anyone else seen this?
  • Oh, all the time buddy. Kind of a pain with the humongous sequencer I was using - you can "catch" it by pinch zooming for a moment - it'll stop racing over to whatever corner it's going to - you can also double tap on negative space and it'll zoom out to include everything (though I'm sure you already knew that).
  • @jjthrash, maybe it's jumping to see the whole patch? Double-tapping on the background zooms to see everything.
  • @Taylor - that could be. I'll run with that theory and see if it matches the behavior. For some reason I want to say it does it even with small patches that are completely in view, but this will help me debug.
  • @Taylor - I don't think it has to do with jumping to see the whole patch. Here's a video of it happening (be sure to turn down the volume.. it's a work in progress and completely unmastered):
  • Same here. I haven't been able to figure out the condition that causes this.
    @jjthrash Nice bass sound, btw.
  • Good to hear!

    Thanks, @JDRaoul. I'm playing around with FM lately. Lots of fun, though a bit mystifying at times.
  • @Taylor Another one bites the dust.

    @jjthrash There are many possible implementations of FM in Audulus. What's your approach?

    (I've mostly tried various versions of sin(m1*(sin(m2*x))) using expressions, math nodes and oscillators and assorted permutations. )
  • @JDRaoul, I was inspired by another app (FM4) to build a toolkit of modulator and carrier nodes, and plan to post it soon. It's more rudimentary, I think.. it uses X and + nodes to do the modulation.

    Question, though: if I'm modulating the frequency, does it make more sense to modulate the log2 of the frequency (for the same reason vibrato sounds more correct when you modulate the log2 of the frequency)?
  • @jjthrash, @JDRaoul, is it properly fixed in the latest beta?
  • It looks like it. Will keep playing with it. Thanks!
  • @jjthrash I can't answer your question.
    @Taylor All gone. Well squished.