Pitch wheel example?
  • Can we do MIDI bends?
  • I'm beefing up MIDI support in 1.6.2 (including adding Virtual MIDI), so pitch bend will likely be in there too :-)

    - Taylor
  • Ooh, suggestion then? Can you make it a microtonal bend, so I can control it with Geosynth? We're talking MIDI bend range of 12 or more semitones. That would be the bee's knees!
  • I suppose that the the keyboard node will just have a bend range, though I haven't thought about it in detail. MIDI pitch bend is reasonably high precision, so you can get microtonal values. Maybe I'm not understanding :-\
  • Presently only geo and arctic keys are microtonal. This means absolutely seamless bends from Geo as controller, kinda like a fretless guitar to wail on. Not sure how that was implemented, but it has something to do with most synth's midi-in bend range.
  • From Geo's manual page:
    Note the MIDI bend range. MIDI chose to handle different pitch wheel sizes by allowing the pitch wheel bend range to vary from synth to synth. If you change this value from 2 to something else, you must set this value the same in the synth that gets the messages. If you don't do this, then it will sound like bends are not happening. Because the MIDI and internal notes must be the same, we must limit our notes to somewhere in MIDI range. Furthermore, some patches are either silent or just produce aliasing noise when out of their natural range.
  • From someone that REALLY knows their stuff on google groups:


    Even more technical:

    FYI, I think Rob is the dev for Mugician, Cantor, and possibly also of Geo itself
  • Ah, I see. The goal is to get continuous pitch control out of MIDI, which wasn't designed for that. My plan is to implement OSC support, which as I understand it, handles that properly. I'll look into how they want to do it with MIDI... hopefully it isn't too complicated.

    - Taylor
  • Yeah, here's why I want this for audulus so badly: Geo can drive audulus, and give us the massive power of modular goodness to WAIL to like this:

  • Yep, Geo has turned this guitar player into a latter-day synth player. Getting Audulus to work seamlessly with it would be great for me!