Help with loading a sub-patch from another file into a project
  • Hi, I can't seem to figure out how to load a patch into a project, there is no menu option that allows this (like the one mentioned in the documentation). I tried copy pasting from one open file into another, but that doesn't work either (nothing happens when I try).

    Is there a new method that I am unaware of, or is this a windows bug? Thanks!

    (using windows 7 64bit)

    300 x 236 - 11K
  • Hi @legopatch. Yes, sorry, it's missing in the windows version. New release coming soon!
    All the best
    - Taylor
  • Glad to hear! I feel crippled without being able to reuse things so easily.

    Think you can tell me if its a few more months, weeks or days type of soon? :P
  • @legopatch, hopefully under two weeks :)

    - Taylor
  • I found a workaround for any windows users out there.

    You can load a patch into a project by opening the patch, copying the parts you want to move, opening the project you want to load it into (in the same instance of audulus) and pasting it.

    This should work until Taylor releases the fix.