DSP engine specs
  • Glad to see this forum start up - I've been drooling over Audulus for a couple of weeks now, doing my homework to see how well it will serve me as an effects processor for my guitar signal!

    I did not notice on the website any specifications of the bit depth/sample rate of the Audulus DPS engine. As most Macs can output 24bit/96kHz audio I would assume the DSP is at least that good, right?
  • Welcome! Audulus started out as a replacement for my guitar pedalboard, so you're in good company :-) (in fact I originally called it Pedalboard.app)

    Audulus for Mac will run at the sample rate of your audio hardware. Higher sample rates will, of course, use more CPU.

    The DSP is all 32-bit floating point.

    As a guitarist, be sure to check out the "Presets" feature (http://audulus.com/documentation/#Presets). You can store a patch configuration and then recall it via a MIDI program change from, for example, a foot controller. Nodes in common to each preset will stay around so you'll get a smooth transition between effects (connections even fade in and out). In fact the whole patch will animate between the presets, showing you how things change.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks for the DSP info! I guess there was another company that absconded with the original name, eh?

    I did notice the Presets feature, will certainly be making good use of that. Right now my "modeling rig" consists of a GK-equipped guitar running into a Roland VG-99, which serves as the audio interface for my MacBook Pro (quad core i7 8GB ram 500GB SSHD) running Apple Mainstage (triggering soft synth pads, strings, choirs, etc). It is great to see you support AU format so that I can call up Audulus from Mainstage as well as work with it in stand-alone mode. After my Audulus purchase I'll be saving my pennies for the Fishman Triple Play to see if the MIDI tracking is better than the VG.
  • Sure thing :-). Once I started implementing synth-oriented nodes, I thought that the name should be something more general that would reflect the multi-purpose nature of the app.

    That's a sweet rig. I had a Roland guitar synth back in the day, GR-30 I think. The Fishman hex pickup looks awesome. Thanks for telling me about it!