How to make sequencer skip step?
  • I'm racking my brain here and I just can't find a solution...

    I want the sequencer to skip steps with a toggle switch - that is, to hold for the duration of the step but output a Hz signal of 0.

    Any thoughts?

    You'll be helping to complete this badass sequencer I'll share with everyone (note the blank space just aching for those on/off switches!!!)
  • Nevermind...figured it out!
  • I'm interested in how you did it, but I would probably attack it by combining the output of the seq16 with a multiply that determines yea or nay (0 or 1) via some mechanism, whether an in-phase seq16 or whatever.
  • Ha, this must be what the Gatekeeper subpatch is for. Nice.
  • @jjthrash - I had to jimmy-rig it since a "zero" level on the knob still equals "root note out." You can check "The Gemini Sequencer" which I'm about to post which solved the problem with an insane number of Muxers. The "off" step basically subtracts 1000 from the step value and that sends it all the way down to zero (the signal gets quantized at the output to resist going into the negative, and so outputs a zero, or "skip" instead). It might take some further fine tuning, but that's basically how I did it.