Hi All
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Jon and I've been only really using synths for about a month. I've been trying to learn and have found that Audulus seems to be the best for getting started so nice work on creating a great app!

    As I'm new to all this I'll not be putting any patches up anytime soon or asking any noob questions on here but can anyone recommend some good resources to go to to learn the basics of synthesisers and how to construct them? I've of course seen the tutorial vids for Audulus but am still having a few issues getting things to work the way I want, mostly because I've been too dependent on synths that have already been 'constructed'. I love the possibilities of this though so am looking forward to getting stuck in!
  • The Sound on Sound Synthesis series is a must-read for any synth newbie who wants to really understand what's happening under the hood. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/allsynthsecrets.htm

    You do need some patience in the mathy parts, but if you learn half of what it's teaching you you'll be way ahead of most.

    Synths that have already been constructed are a lot like a hard-wired patch. They typically have the same signal flow with maybe a few switching options. The confusing and wonderful part about modular synthesis is that you can do almost anything in any combination. Remember that Audulus is modular synthesis on a granular level and as such tutorials for how to use hardware modulars can still tell you a lot about how to work in Audulus.

    So welcome, welcome!
  • Good answer by @biminiroad. I find Audulus an excellent way to learn different concepts. But in the end it's just a lot of diving in, absorbing, listening, etc. Even things like learning how an envelope generator works can take a little bit, but once it clicks, you'll be seeing applications for it everywhere and wondering why your other synth apps don't let you do certain things.
  • Nice one. Thanks for the replies. It's early days yet so I'll keep watching on here and I'll check out the SOS series too. Cheers!
  • the best you can do vis-a-vis Audulus is download and analyze the patches people have posted so far. some people are "cleaner" designers than others and it makes it easier to see what's going on in their signal chain, but you can always trace node by node with a value meter and oscilloscope to see how each function is being manipulated at each step. there are some really great designers here, so don't be afraid to take their stuff and rework it (I'd suggest a hat tip in the design or forum, though). @afta8 makes some great, super useful stuff. so does @JDRaoul - click on the links right there and you can view all their posts.
  • Plus we're happy to explain things if you're stuck. Many of us view Audulus as a collective project; building a library of useful modules, sharing techniques and hacks - and luring in more and more clever users to dream up tricks we haven't thought of yet!
    Audulus is great for play-and-discover. It's a laboratory and a playpen. Poke around and try stuff and see what happens. Use Value nodes and Waveform nodes. There are a few videos floating around. Mostly, just have fun.
    The SoundOnSound tutorials are the most comprehensive guide I've seen. They are long and detailed. I dip in for basic knowledge though it's not always obvious how to apply it in Audulus. I always have it open in a browser tab.
  • Cheers guys. Good tip. I'll keep watching and see what people come up with. Thanks too for the offer to help with answers. I'll use the resources that I have first and only bother you all as a last resort. Thanks!