• Seems like quite a simple function, but I am yet to figure out how to do a simple wave inversion.

    This in the windows version with the maths pack... Tried modulo's etc...

    Sorry used to max with the nice invert function or hardware inverts.

  • Hey Steven, use "-x" with the Expr node, or use the minus node with only the "b" input hooked up.

    - Taylor
  • I don't know how familiar you are with electrical engineering stuff, but functions like inversion that take lots of circuitry and trickery are really easy in Audulus. You don't need to build a wave rectifier to make "DC" current - just need use an add node to increase the bottom swing of a waveform to 0. I've never used Max, but it's probably pretty similar in that regard, no?
  • @taylor, in terms of performance, does the expr node with "-x" get compiled to a minus node? I.e. does it perform the same?
  • Thanks for the answers. It's as usual a pretty simple one that was starting me in the face!

    in max you can do much more programming level type of expression calcs hence not really seeing it at first.

    Hardware wise I've never built it myself.. I just take a 3.5mm jack and plug it into a nice module :D
  • @jjthrash, it doesn't yet compile to the same representation. The minus node is probably slightly faster right now.