Audulus for Windows - USB Midi Keyboard recognition
  • Congratulations getting Audulus ported to Windows - a no-brainer purchase for me!

    First thing I've tried is hooking up my USB midi keyboard, but Audulus doesn't seem to detect it. Re-booted and everything, but it doesn't pick it up. Caustic for Windows does, but Audulus doesn't. Any suggestions?

  • @Bryan58, Welcome! Does your USB midi keyboard appear in the "Active MIDI Inputs" in the Audio Settings window? (Main Menu -> Edit -> Audio Settings)
  • Taylor - Ah ha - once ticked, now it works! Thanks for the help.
  • I haven't used Audulus under Windows for quite some time, but picked it up again today and am having trouble with my midi keyboard again. I have three versions of Audulus for Windows:
    Audulus 2 (exe file 8,027kb dated 12/29/14)
    Audulus 3 (exe file 16,936kb dated 3/16/16)
    Audulus 3 (exe file 7,705kb dated 10/4/16)

    The keyboard is working fine under Audulus 2 and the first version of Audulus 3, but not with the second version I have.

    Can someone please post a download link for the latest version (if more recent than 10/4/16) so I can try that? Otherwise, perhaps shed some light on what might have happened between my March 2016 and October 2016 versions and any suggestions on getting the keyboard to be recognized? I have confirmed that it shows up and is checked in the Active MIDI inputs box in the Audio Settings dialog.

    Many thanks!

    -- Bryan

  • I think you should probably email to get some help. I had a very similar bug and they were quite helpful.
  • This is the latest version - try this! :)
  • Thanks, Mark! This version (exe file 7.713kb dated 10/23/16) recognizes my midi keyboard again.
  • Rad good to hear!
  • Jason11 - I believe you have to pay for the Windows version, but once done you should receive updates. I originally bought it in December 2014, but it seems I missed the update from last October somehow. Best to send a query to
  • I've just deleted Jason11's account. He was asking for a pirated version of Audulus. There's a zero tolerance policy for that on our forum. We do enough giveaways of Audulus codes that if you pay attention and follow us and the groups where we do givewayas, you'll eventually be able to get one for free if you really can't afford it.

    Pure Data (Pd) is a free, open-source modular synth software. It's not as pretty as Audulus, but it's free. Don't try and pirate Audulus, and definitely don't talk about it on this forum. Thank you.