Saving Patches possible on Windows?
  • Hi

    I'm considering a purchase, but there's a line in the spec that says quickly changing between patches is "Mac only" ... could you please confirm exactly what is meant here.

    If there is no patch saving on Windows, or the ability to quickly flip between patches, what saving is possible in Windows? Without a demo it's impossible to tell.

    UPDATE: It's not clear which other features mentioned on the main page might be Mac\iOS only e.g. Custom UI - could you please clarify which of the listed features are not available or not going to be available on Windows.

  • Hi Richard, welcome! That's switching between "presets" which are patch configurations within a single patch. The Windows version can save and load patches. For more info:

    The only features that are unavailable right now on Windows are:

    - preset switching
    - plugin hosting
    - iCloud sharing

    The first two I'll implement in a future version. iCloud is an apple-only thing.

    Hope that helps!
    - Taylor
  • Another win user very close to purchase here... does "plugin hosting" mean Audulus (both standalone and plugin) will at some point host VST plugins? And will there be a 32bit plugin version of Audulus (which I assume would host 32bit plugins)?

    Just wondering, your software is looking great as it is... the above would just be icing on the cake.
  • @juanjo, I've already sent out the 32-bit versions to some users to test. I'm planning on adding VST hosting in a future version (the Mac version already has AU hosting).

    Hopefully the VST will be able to host other VSTs but I can't guarantee that... I might run into some sort of problem, but I think it will probably work :)

    - Taylor
  • Sounds good, I'm in: just got a win license, thanks! Looking forward to the 32bit version.

    Btw I really appreciate the unobtrusive CP and the simple no-installer setup... my kind of software! I'm happy to support devs who make it easy and painless for users.

  • @juanjo, good! I don't even know how to make an installer!

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor, bough the windows version also. I like the no-installer thingy. VST hosting looks really tasty and basically waiting for the 32 bit version! Looking forward to the dev roadmap! Thanks!