Windows full screen and weird cpu on constant
  • Hi,

    I've just purchased the windows version, I must say it's fantastic gives me a great playground for all the modules I have yet to sell a kidney to finance!

    Anyway. In the windows version is there a way to get a fullscreen mode? Rather than window... This is standalone mode.

    I have also noticed a big cpu jump using a constant with min and max values set into the add operator. When it's not highlighted 2% as soon as it's being modified or even as nothing is being done cpu jumps to 45% or around there. Could be a weird memory leak I suppose... The exact min max was 15-30 going into a hz lead with the add operator. On a surface pro, so it can be replicated.

    Thanks again for a stellar bit of software.

  • Steven, welcome! There was actually a bug in some 3rd party code I'm using that is preventing full screen mode on Windows. I'm hoping it will be fixed soon. I'm going to go bug them again (no pun intended!) about it right now.

    Can you post the patch that was causing the high CPU load? I'll test it on my end.

    Thanks for the kind words!
    - Taylor