Audulus 2.10 and IAA
  • I'm finding that when you run Audulus 2.10 using IAA with either Cubasis or Beatmaker 2 the connection keeps dropping and Audulus exits the selected patch. This is on an iPad Air IOS 8.1.2

    Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • @BT1, I'll do some testing. I just use AudioBus for IAA support so I haven't checked it out in a while.
  • Does the same thing with the latest version of Audiobus here.
  • Does the same thing on every midi source I have tried i.e. Lemur and Pro Midi etc.
    Any updates?
  • @BT1, yeah I'm getting some sort of error from AudioBus. I'll fix it.
  • Hmm then I restarted AudioBus and Audulus it now seems to work.

    There is bug with Audulus receiving MIDI while in the background. I'm going to submit a fix for that when Apple reopens on the 29th (they don't review apps over the holidays).
  • @BT1, I was able to reproduce the problem (audulus dropping the AudioBus connection) in 2.10 (the current released version), but it seems to be fixed in my latest development version.
  • Any news on the update?
  • @BT1, it's waiting for review with Apple :)