Max MSP with Audulus as AU problems.
  • Hi.
    I'm an happy Audulus user for a while now.
    Lately, I began learning Max MSP 6.1.9.
    I'm exploring the idea of integrating Audulus Audio Unit within Max VST~ object.
    I don't understand why, but after loading Audulus and opening it in MAx, very quickly after I starts to build a patch in Audulus, Max keeps crashing.
    Is Audulus supposed to be working well with Max MSP?
    Or could I be doing somehting wrong?
    Is any of you have worked with Max and Audulus as a AU?
    Thank a lot for your help.

  • @Elektroshnik, let me do some testing with Max (I have it now) and I'll get back to you :)
  • Thanks for your help Taylor.