Audulus for Windows OUT NOW -- We must conquer ALL platforms!
  • hi i just downloaded 2.10 for windows the standalone crashes and the dll does not load in any of my host ableton live and flstudio :(
  • @FSK1138, Sorry about that! Can you email me? (
  • thanks Taylor for the quick response and solution to my problem
  • Audulus for Windows is big news.
    But not as big as that shirt!
    Audulus merch? Now THAT's news!

  • What are the license terms? For example: On how many computers can I run it? If I want to move it to another computer, how do I do so? Does it require a hardware dongle for copy protection?
  • Welcome @ark! I remember once upon a time you helped me out on another forum. Nice to see you here :)

    The license is per-user, not associated with a particular machine. There's no hardware dongle, just a simple license file. Nothing fancy.

    To move it to another computer, you just authorize using the same license file.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks! I'll give it a try...
  • Any chance you could post the solution to the crash problem mentioned above please

    Ta :D
  • So glad this is out - 2.10 working great on desktop here, along with Cubase 8 Pro.

    Just 1 question - which keyboard equivalent on the PC is for selecting all that contribute to the output ? Neither CTRL or ALT seem to work, which are normally 'Command' equivalents.
  • @creepjoint, the issue was OpenGL support. Fortunately @FSK1138 had a Mac as well, so I sent him a code for a mac copy.

    @mkid, I may have forgot to implement that! Let me test it out (on Mac right now). For now, you can use the right-click menu.
  • @JDRaoul, good point about the shirt! I should set up a merch shop :)
  • Audulus looks like a great piece of software design. I have a few questions: Is there a demo version? When using Audulus in a DAW, can you have more than one instance? Has it been tested in Reaper?
  • @Mal, welcome! I don't have a demo version. Instead if you aren't satisfied just let me know and I'll send you a refund, no questions asked.

    You can have more than one instance. I haven't tested in Reaper on Windows.

    all the best
    - Taylor
  • @Mal, I just loaded the 64bit VST version in Reaper 32bit (internal bridge), opened a couple of big patches and briefly played around... it seems to work just fine, same behavior as the standalone version.

    Admittedly the combination of super old dual core + 64to32bit bridging + the size of the patches + the cpu load of Audulus itself which in my puny system is very high = almost maxed my cpu... but in terms of functionality it behaves as expected in Reaper. Hopefully as the win version matures it'll be further optimised where possible.
  • Thanks for the replys. I'm using a centrino 2 core 2.66GHz CPU. I'm running Reaper 32 bit due to having some old VST's. Is there a 32 bit version of Audulus? I could use the 64 bit version of Reaper, as my intention would be to replace all the old 32 bit VSTi's with Audulus (learn one flexible synth rather than a bunch of more sound specific synths). However that may not work if the CPU load for adulius is too high. I would need to run typically 10 or more instances. Is that going to work on my hardware?
  • Crashes for me on my win 7 laptop both stand alone and vst. It's an onboard cheap video card but the laptop is a core2duo. I guess the crash is related to open GL. Works well on my desktop but was hoping to use it with my laptop.

    Also any possibility in a near future update to clear the workspace without select all and delete?

    Thanks and cheers!
  • @paradiddle, what about just creating a new document?
  • Hi Taylor! There's no menu item like that in the vst 32bit version. Only import/export patch. Sorry wasn't specific enough in my last message. I guess it's just a premilimary version.

  • @paradiddle, oh ok. So you find yourself deleting everything often enough that the two commands become cumbersome?
  • In the vst version I only have import and export option. So if I load a patch, I have to select all and delete or load another document.
  • Any news on the Direct X fix for fullscreen?
  • @scrichton, its OpenGL, and no news I'm afraid. I'm depending code from another company for that and I don't have a good way of getting them to fix it :-\. Are you running Windows 8?
  • Hi Bitdefender blocks Audulus 2.10.1 on Win7. I added it to trusted aspplications in Bitdefender but it keeps removing 32.exe and 64.exe. So what is wrong with the code? Bitdefender keeps seeing it as a virus. With regards PiQui
  • With the 32.exe I Only import/export patch. And after using it for a few moments it is blocked by Bitdefender Antivirus.
  • Havent played much with it yet.

    Does the windows version have audio in?
  • @PiQui, that's something I never expected... does Bitdefender give you any additional info?
  • Last stupid question!

    The intro deal stated we could get the in app paid additions for free, how do we get these ?
  • @creepjoint, they're just included. For example, you can create the Expr node without unlocking it :)
  • @Taylor, when using as a vst instrument in Cubase I cannot exit a sub-patch with the keyboard key 'E'. This works in the standalone version but not in the vst version. How can exit a sub patch?
  • @Ethosphere, that will be fixed in the next version. Sorry about that!
  • @Taylor - Ok, thanks. when is the next release planned for? Also, as there is no plugin insert support for windows yet Im trying to route audio from cubase using Jack to the standalone audulus. Cubase sees the jack router but I can not see it in Audulus... any suggestions?
  • I think we have to wait until there is a VST version.
  • @Phil999 the plugin version on windows is VST.

    @Etosphere, I don't know much about how Jack works on Windows. Is it supposed to work with any Windows audio app?
  • @Taylor, there doesn't seem to be a list of supported applications but it seems to work on those ive tried except on Audulus. When you go to the audio settings it doesnt show the JAck audio router options. I was under the impression that Jack was supported with Audulus?
  • @Ethosphere, I did support JACK on iOS before Apple killed it off by disallowing apps to talk to each other the way JACK does. I've never supported it on Windows though.
  • sorry, I should have put it more clearly: on the Windows platform, a VSTi plugin can be loaded in an instrument slot. It has no audio inputs. A VST plugin can be loaded in an insert slot and has audio inputs, so that its effect section can be used without its synth engine.

    Some VSTi's are also installed as VST version (Native Instruments Reaktor, FM8, ...), some are not (u-he Diva). The VSTi and VST versions are different dll's.

    Audulus is available today as VSTi version only. I am expecting a VST version because it is a very good effect plugin like Reaktor. It just would make sense to use Audulus as an insert effect as well, not only as an instrument.
  • @Phil999, oh ok. Well, a VST insert plugin is forthcoming :)
  • because there is no Audulus insert plugin version (VST), Jack would be a workaround to send audio from the DAW to the standalone version of Audulus (some standalone synths have audio inputs) and back to the DAW. But this would only work if the standalone version does have audio inputs. Haven't tried that myself.
  • thank you, Taylor!
  • For anyone on Windows wanting to use Audulus as an FX processor: - I have successfully routed audio from Cubase to Audulus standalone mode and back into Cubase using my RME Fireface 800's internal loopback in totalmix. This is a good work around until we get the VST insert update. I am really pleased with using Audulus as a processor, its the closest any software has come, in terms of flexibility, to my Eventide.

    @Taylor - will we be getting presets in the next Windows update?
  • @Ethosphere, the next Windows update will be some bug fixes and performance improvements, but perhaps in the one after that.
  • @Taylor. How can I build and reuse 'modules/sub-patches' (eg. custom filters, LFO's, reverbs etc.)? Say, for example, I have built an LFO and want to reuse it in another patch - how can I import that module/sub-patch into the new patch? There doesn't seem to be a function for that and If I open up 2 instances of Audulus I cannot copy and paste from one to another... I'm a bit stumped as it seems you need to recreate modules in every patch as there is no easy way if reusing them. Am I missing something here?
  • @Ethosphere, try opening the patch in the same instance and copy-paste. Does that work? (I'll have a better workflow soon)
  • @Taylor - If I try to open another patch in the same instance it just closes the one already open.
  • @Ethosphere, yeah. Copy from the second one and then open the first one back up and paste (all in the same instance).
  • Ok thanks. I love Audulus but this is going to kill workflow for me when im trying to use many pre-made modules :((
    Please can we get a modules/sub-patch import function? I'm sure there is lots of work for you to do but without this it becomes almost unusable as its just too time consuming to create complex patches quickly.
  • @Ethosphere Taylor already responded on this topic here:

    According to his earlier prediction, he should have it fixed very soon. (I can't wait either)
  • Awesome! Didn't see that... thanks legopatch. Thats going to make it a lot more interesting...