Modifying MIDI coming into app
  • I'm working out ways to set up a single patch composed of multiple instruments in a way that is expressive for music composition.

    I'm trying to accomplish the following: I have an 88 key MIDI keyboard and I want to split it into multiple channels into Audulus. I know I can hack it by doing a compare operator on frequency to figure out where to send the signals, but I'd rather not do it that way.

    I just tried Midiflow, but it really wants to split into multiple apps, which doesn't help me. Anybody else try this in software?
  • I found from the Midiflow developer that it actually does support splitting into a single app. Not sure what I was doing the first time. So that works.

    I also whipped up an in-Audulus solution, attached.
    JJT Splitter.audulus