Not saving state bug on ipad/other noticable bugs
  • Hey, so I've been playing a lot with audulus on my ipad today, and I'm noticing that under certain conditions (still trying to find them all), audulus will stop saving the state of the patch if I make more than a few alterations over a short period of time, so that when you exit it and come back in, it's reverted to a previous state. Losing work is very frustrating :( the closest thing I can think of at the moment is that when I import another patch I've made into the patch I'm working on, then the state saving issues really come up.

    Would it be possible to have a save state button with confirmation, just so I can be assured that the state has been saved properly?

    This is running on an ipad 2 air with ios 8.1.

    Another thing that I haven't been able to find the cause of at all is random crashes when I connect/disconnect audio lots to the output. I'm nearly always working in cases that uses the microphone input with some processing that then pipes it through the output.

    I've also had a case where a crash has resulted in losing an entire patch, because I didn't press the exit button before it crashed..

    Another odd thing I've noticed is that the labels will sometimes be drawn underneath the nodes, rendering them impossible to fully see.

    Let me know if you want me to test anything/etc. More than willing with assist.
  • Hey @aurialLoop, loosing work is indeed extremely frustrating and is really the last bug that should ever happen :( My apologies.

    Are you storing your patches with iCloud? To check, take a look in the settings menu (the little wrench icon) in the patch browser.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks for the quick reply :) I'm not storing anything with iCloud yet - just local copies of things. I'm going to attach one patch in particular that I'm playing with that seems to only be able to save a couple of changes at a time before it stops saving them, requiring me to press exit, then select the patch again, then make a couple more changes and repeat.
  • Here's another small rendering bug I've noticed that happens every now and then with the waveform. Sorry that I'm throwing a lot of things at you at once, I just want to give a full picture and to help you diagnose what's going on :)
    2014-11-09 05.04.22.jpg
    1936 x 2592 - 1M
  • Ok, I think I know what's causing that rendering bug. Also, if you could post a screenshot of the poor label visibility, that would be awesome. (To take a screenshot, simultaneously push the home and lock buttons on your iPad.)
  • Thanks! Here's a screenshot of the label displays. You'll notice that some are drawn behind controls, while others are drawn on top.

    Also, and this may be intentional on your part, but when I turn on the node connections, I can no longer zoom or pan around the screen. The only way I've discovered how to see the input/output names for nodes is to turn on the node connections, but then I have to turn it off again when I want to pan.
    Photo 09-11-14 07 07 00.png
    2048 x 1536 - 240K
  • @aurialLoop, that's connection mode. Its for making connections when zoomed out. It also functions as a way of seeing the names of inputs and outputs, but we're moving away from that toward having labels always visible.
  • Hello seems to be a problem with loading on the iPad Air with the latest iOS 8.1. It freezes when I start it up.
  • I cleared up more space and the app is doing better.
  • Cheers Taylor, I didn't realise that it was only supposed to be used while zoomed out.
  • I am getting this problem saving as well, Its been better when I wait a while after saving but it does seem to be randomly reverting back to the last saved version. It has been worse on larger patches but happens sometimes with smaller ones as well. I get a feeling its to do with opening another patch to soon after saving?
  • im on ipad air ios 7 btw
  • @thapoke, @Blutoof, @aurialLoop

    The problem I've discovered is that for large patches if you make a change, close, and then open again, the open happens before the change finishes saving (because the save happens in the background). The funny thing is that once the change does finish saving it will then reload that. So I'm guessing that if you wait a moment (and don't make any other changes) your changes will pop in, is that right?