Don't startup in my Mac.
  • After upgrade to OS 10.10 the Audulus app don't startup anymore. The Aldulus icon stay jumping in the dock but nothing happens. Can someone help me?

  • @plinio, sure :)

    When you try to launch Audulus, is there anything printed in under "All Messages"?

    - Taylor
  • Hello Taylor, messages attached.

    p.s. The AU is working... the standalone not.
    Console Messages.log
  • @plinio, it might be some sort of iCloud problem, judging from some of the messages in the log. I would try deleting Audulus and then re-installing it via the purchases page in the Mac App Store.

    Does that help?
    - Taylor
  • Taylor, i do the uninstall and reinstall like you suggest, but don't work...
    The Console update messages is attached.
    All Messages.log
  • @plinio, try logging out of iCloud and launching Audulus again. Open System Preferences, select iCloud and click on Sign Out.

    Does that help?
    - Taylor
  • Not...
    after sign out iCloud, and uninstall Aldulus by app "AppCleaner", restart, reinstall by App Store.
  • @plinio, this could get long. I'll email you to continue troubleshooting.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    - Taylor